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  1. How early is "early" for booking a cruise? I want to go to Alaska next September; when should I book?

  2. Gary, I have watched all your videos I could find and you were kind enough to get back to me the last time I wrote. Here is a question for you. I am booked on Royal Caribbean for April of next year. I have a members card with them and also Celebrity, but I booked through AAA to hook up with a group, which means that your transportation to the port and back are included with the booking. I do this because I am alone and it gets me to the port without hiring a limo service and my bags are out of my hands when I step on that bus. I have been booking balcony cabins on my last 5 cruises, but this time it is a 12 night cruise and being alone, I pay so much more than when two people go, I had to settle for a smaller cabin with a view. Do you have any idea if upgrades are possible when you book with a group? I still have plenty of time to find this out, I suppose, but wondered if you knew? Thanks for taking the time to read this. Joyce

  3. So am I right that once I've paid my cruise deposit, I'm locked into paying the price on my booking and the cruise company will not drop my price if it falls before final payment is made? But I can try calling them to get a cabin upgrade if my original booking price now gets me a better cabin?

  4. When you say to book early, are you talking 6 months, 1 year, or more?

  5. i have never been on cruise, but i had great desire to make journey on cruise in this regard your videos or quite helpful and informative for me. please also share how to confirm cabin on cruise what is procedure for it. i am from pakistan south asia. and afcourse how much it will cost once if i get apportunity to full fill my dream

  6. I did give a thumbs up as most of this is good, solid cabin selection advice with one exception. We absolutely DISAGREE on "booking early". We've taken 11 cruises across NCL, Royal & Carnival to popular destinations in the summer season and in almost every case, we have had to wait until anywhere from 2 to 3 months prior to the departure due to work for school. THE VERY BEST time to book is just prior to the "final payment" date.

    The reason for this is that ALL cruise lines run discounts to get those last few rooms booked so you often can get the lowest prices. Also, we have booked a GTY in a couple of cases most recently having booked a Junior Suite and we were upgraded for FREE to a Grand Suite which saved us somewhere between $2,000 & $3,000 on this particular cabin for this particular sailing. I will post a few videos of the trip once we return from this cruise.

    Previously on NCLs Pride of America in 2015 we were also able to pick up their equivalent of a grand Suite (nearly EXACT same size but larger balcony) for a similar savings as we basically picked up the very last Suite available prior to the "final payment" deadline.

    We were bumped up from two Oceanview rooms to two balcony rooms on our 2012 Alaskan cruise simply by watching the price drops and acting again… just before final payment was due as we had booked that particular cruise about 5 months in advance for just the 2 connecting OV rooms and the balcony upgrade for no additional $'s was THE BEST as we were able to watch whales following the ship's wake and take in the calving glaciers in Glacier Bay.

  7. If you care about motion sickness and noise levels you might want to book mid ship. I remember booking guaranteed cabins before and was placed in the back or front of the ship and heard engine noise in the back and the front of the ship I heard the anchor drop every port we docked at early hours of the morning and you do feel more motion in the back and front of the ship.

  8. love your to the point vids without a bunch of chatter. many thanks

  9. We cruise only on Princess now and have gotten upgrades close to cruise departure date twice – On our last cruise – Panama Canal last month, we were upgraded to Club Class. We had already booked a mini-suite, the upgrade was a mini-suite but with some add-on benefits. We especially enjoyed the separate dining area – and the fact that we could go to that dining room at any time during meals. No waiting in line to go to meals, just straight into that area of the dining room when the main dining room was open. So, not the same as "anytime dining" but that flexibility. and a view of the ocean at every meal. I'm not sure how new this particular "Club Class" is, but it was worth the small price we paid to upgrade when it was offered to us. We have tried a few other cruise lines but we always come back to Princess… Now we are at a decent level of loyalty rewards, so not likely to switch up.

  10. Coming from a family who has owned a Travel Agency for 34 years, I must say you got it right. Thank you for making this video! There are many many things that a Travel Agent can still do for you that a website cannot. *Plus people think if they book online that they are saving the commission that would have been paid to the Travel Agency/Agent, and that is not true. The Cruise line, Tour Company (Europe tours, air & hotel packages, or air, hotel, and tour bus packages) and trips of those sorts, are all Charging the same price, if not more in some cases and keeping the part that is considered Agent Comimssion. So a professional is always a plus, if you don't believe me, try it sometime! They even hook you up with tours, excursions, and shows before your trip, all trips not just Cruises!

  11. I don't disagree with anything you have said. I do, however, have 2 observations to add. If you book an aft inside cabin or an inside guarantee the "upgrade" could be to a mid-ship inside cabin. Still inside. My advise is to book the least cabin category you would be happy with and then open yourself to possibility of an upgrade. Also, I have had situations where Mom and Dad pay for their cabin, their kids cabin and their grand-kids cabin but only the kids get the upgrade, even though Mom and Dad paid for it. Just be aware that sometimes the cruise line can not upgrade all cabins and it is at their discretion who gets the upgrade. Sometimes the cruise line will work with you on switching it around, sometimes they wont. I did just have customers on the Crown Jewel book an inside guarantee and 3 days before sailing Princess moved them to a balcony. Upgrades can happen and be great.

  12. Ships usually leave 40 cabins empty

  13. I have said it before and I will say it again Gary runs the best tips for cruises channel! Good tips in a concise manner.

  14. Awesome

  15. I love his info, found him very helpful and informed, needs to blink Clarice.

  16. Good God Man, BLINK! Your videos are very informative but I have yet to see you blink an eye in any of them! People get caught up in others idiosyncrasies and lose track of the conversation! 😉

  17. Great video! Thanks for the tip about monitoring the price of your cabin as you approach the cruise date, then using any reduction vs. what you paid as leverage to ask for an upgrade. I'm kicking myself for not thinking about it as I use this strategy for car rentals and hotels all the time.

  18. You don't say where to check on the prices of the room you booked to see if they went down.

  19. My sister booked her 1st cruise through a travel agent that did a lot of her frequent business travel and they surprised her by upgrading to the owner's cabin. Her stories about that cruise were epic!

  20. say youre there with the black plague

  21. Thank you so much for the tip on tracking the price! It definitely worked for me, and resulted in an upgrade to a better category of balcony cabin with P&O today!

    The Story: I'd booked on an Early Saver fare over 6 months ago, and paid for it in full 3 months ago. But checking my cruise today, P&O's full fare, Select Price, for my grade of cabin was now less than the 'discounted' Early Saver fare I paid so long ago!

    I called and asked if they could do anything, and they moved me to the highest grade of balcony cabin they had – midship – free of charge. They even let me choose my cabin number right then and there – which I couldn't do before when first booking the Early Saver fare.

  22. Hold up cowboy, it may be true to book at the beginning or the end but the risk of a storm is not worth a cabin upgrade. Your info is good but tell the entire story if you really want to be helpful.

  23. thanks again by the way are you on Twitter if so I will follow you

  24. please let me know thanks

  25. do you have any videos on how to get the best price on a cruise for a balcony room Royal Caribbean

  26. I've done 47 cruise days with Princess, and have only ever gotten inside cabins. First time, I booked a guaranteed cabin, and was given one down on level 8, and the VERY LAST cabin before the stern. Since then I've booked online and selected a specific cabin, and will do this from now on. I suspect by doing this, we'll NEVER get an upgrade, but we always go for inside cabins, and spend our time out on the decks and public areas. After all, I just watched your video on which cabins to avoid, and have complied with all those criteria. A big tip I can offer is get a cabin near the lift shafts. That means you can get to major public areas, such as the buffet restaurants or great areas in the Atriums, by just a short walk, and pressing a button. When we were in that very rear cabin on the first time, just walking to the lifts took a while. You ALWAYS use the lifts or adjacent stairwells. At our age and with my arthritis, coming back from an active shore excursion, being near the lifts always works out well.

    And the BIG tip for those booking interior cabins. You will almost always be able to tune your TV into the Bridge Camera channel. We simply leave it on all night. As the sun rises, the TV will brighten up, and you get an impression of having a window. Be careful in interior cabins if you duck down for a nap. With the door closed, the cabin is completely dark, and you can sleep much longer than you intended as you have no idea what time it is!

  27. I always book the second deck in the back of the ship, never had a problem, easy to get to dining room and buffet. Worst cabins are middle of ship on second floor under the Galley. Pots and pans falling on floor, dishes breaking, noise all night after dinner is finished.

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