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  1. 100 foot monster cock rams yer mums arse you wanker

  2. Omg idbe freakin the f out

  3. Oh yeah let’s not help Record It For Money

  4. This would make a most excellent theme park ride!!!!!

  5. I have spent years out at sea and i can confirm. When you are on a large ship them waves dont look that big. Until. You get up close

  6. Ship lost all power for a few hours before it was restored and made it back to port

  7. Omg that looks not fun at all

  8. Idk about you but cruises truly are not ever worth the money not just for this horrible incident but just seems like there's literally always someone getting the whole cruise ship sick and not to mention there just packing you in like sardines and everything is pretty pricey

  9. So cruise ships rack up a few bizzion sea miles a year between a thousand of them and one gets in trouble with a wave so everybody freaks out.

  10. Why do u need 11 minutes video to show one fukin wave

  11. I think I will settle for a shower and hot tub

  12. With this being a thing idk how anyone would view a cruise ship as being luxurious

  13. And people wonder why I won't do cruises….fuck all of this!

  14. People on the boat shut the fucking kid up, just cover it's mouth

  15. He should put the bow to the wave and then full throttle it

  16. Lady hitting her head on the pillar (3:35) looks serious!

  17. when the sea is calm, no boat is too small, when the sea is rough, no boat is big enough

  18. Uncontrollable frightening seas that give one the thrill of their life.

  19. This first ship is on so many videos this is the old video

  20. awhoooo than cry blue in the skys patay robredo them boat cary on while

  21. suppose they wanted a refund?? LMAO

  22. The guy in the striped shirt was sliding back and forth, with the furniture, lol I know it wasn't funny,to him. I was LMBO..

  23. 3:00> That's one pissed off poltergeist.

  24. As they say where I come from….."Fuck THAT!"

  25. A whole lot of puken going on!

  26. Cant understand that.u can relay on weather Forcast Weeks b4.Why they still there in this Area….Greed ?

  27. This is not a big cruise ship

  28. I feel sea sick just watching

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