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  1. Morgan, I'm planning MSC cruise for early next year. It'll be the first cruise for both my wife I. So my question(s), have you ever ben on an MSC cruise and if so how is the internet? Second, is common for ships to have a business center with computers on board for passengers who opt not to get the internet package? Anyone is free to chime in with thoughts and suggestions.

  2. You're on vacation and am obsessed with having internet. Sad. Ocean cruises seem a bit pathetic.

  3. Hirx US Doctors and crew

  4. I think you go cruising to go cruising.

  5. going on my first cruise. thanks for the info on tipping.

  6. Great tips Morgan!! I agree on all of your points!!

  7. Very informative! Thank you very much!

  8. I agree about your comment on eating in the MDR. I don't like eating with people I don't know and having to make conversation with strangers. I prefer eating with just my husband. We always request a table for two if we eat in the MDR.

  9. Already cruised to Bermuda a few years ago. We're taking our family on a cruise to Bermuda.
    A few of the family will be going snorkeling; some deep sea fishing, and a couple just sight
    seeing and beach swimming. I will stay on board – reading at the quiet , uncrowded pool.
    We will all meet for dinner! Can't wait to get on the ship!

  10. Well I love you Morgan but more dino please

  11. The internet should be 100% free movies should be free photography should not be in your face every venue you go to there should be a designated area where you can go to have your photos taken instead of in the hallways and in front of elevators they should not have kiosk stations blocking traffic selling merchandise and soda should not cost $5 a can and it definitely should not cost to get a padded lounge chair and a nice spot out on Deck you are taking a cruise after all and I can't stand the way they're charging to use the Spa's now just to use the sauna or the steam room I can understand charging for a massage but they never used to charge for steam rooms and saunas they never used to charge for padded lounge chairs and space on open deck and to charge you $40 and up picture and force you to have your picture taken by having picture stations located everywhere there's an elevator or close in Corridor or stairway they just closed these areas down and start taking pictures have an actual room that the people go to to have their pictures taken instead of tying up inside Tire traffic of the ship it's like they're forcing you to have your picture taken and then they want to charge you 30 to $60 for a photo picture and now even just to get a tomato juice it's an upcharge or just don't see how it could be good for repeat business

  12. The biggest rip off on a cruise is having to buy water. July 2018, we were on the Celeberty Solticee Alaskan Cruise. I became very ill with stomach flu systems and all the side effects. At 6 am I was taken to the ship Dr. She was from England. I was taken care of like royalty for nearly 4 hours in the emergency room on the ship! I was tended to 3 X that day while my family was on an excursion. Our main dining room experience was awesome. We used the buffet for the other meals and our official family get together spot. It was an amazing experience. Oh yes, my insurance covered all the medical costs. They did my laundry as complimentary and brought my meals to the room for 24 hours. The infirmary called many times while my family was out. Even with this bump, our experience overall was awesome. It was celebrating our 20 th wedding Anniversary and my husbands retirement. Now we have to save money for 8 years to go again! We loved cruising. Our dream was to go to Alaska. It was wonderful!

  13. I totally agree…..

  14. $300 for a surgical procedure sounds reasonable to me. shrugs

  15. Good luck going to the doctor and getting stitches in the US for less than $300!

  16. I'm going to be downvoted to hell, but it needs to be said. You mention on your video that "people shouldn't be scared of non-US doctors". Doctors from the US are probably the worst doctors in the whole wide world. That's because of the "suing culture" in the US. Medical students are rarely trained on real humans because of this. Doctors in all other countries train on real humans from day one. I have been a victim of terrible US doctors many times. Never had a problem with non-US doctors. The US health system is broken in more ways than one.

  17. Yea yea yea all these are rip-offs, but wait, cruising on a ship is NOT just a way of travelling, like taking a train or a plane etc.. And getting a haircut or a massage on a cruise ship while on vacation, of course will cost more, because it does have some added value! Think about it.

  18. I am new to your channel.Great advice.

  19. I'm a massage therapist and how dare you say it's a rip-off! I'm worth every penny, and I've had massages "on-land" in other countries such as Mexico, they have little to no training. I've done a 2200-hour program here in Canada plus I did a 4 year program in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  20. When ever I feel like a massage I usually head down to the Me Love You Long Time Massage Parlor Auto and Tire, back in the ally behind the Won Hung Lo Asian Restaurant and Laundry Mat. It's only 20 bucks!

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