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  1. Wasn’t the Titanic on its maiden voyage?

  2. I talked to a young man who went on a cruise with his buddy and found it 2/3 full of middle aged square dancers. Bet he checked for theme cruises after that

  3. we took a cruise on the conquest right out of dry dock and my wife was sea sick for the first 3 days, it was our first cruise and we thought the motion was normal,,,that is until we talked to some veteran cruisers and they let us know that the ship bent a prop blade coming out of dry dock. Carnival called ahead and ordered a new blade to be delivered in free-port Bahamas so the ride across the gulf with a bent prop blade was not good for my wife.

  4. Great advice as always, although I would add I sixth cruise to avoid – a leg of a world cruise. We joined the QM2 from Hong Kong to Singapore and our fellow travellers had become thoroughly institutionalised. There were very set in their ways and because of this the ship seemed to lack any atmosphere. They weren’t enjoying the bars or the shows as much as we have been used to on other QM2 trips (we have crossed the Atlantic four times now) and the whole experience was very downbeat. Not only would we not consider a leg of a world cruise again, it thoroughly put us off the idea of taking a world cruise.

  5. I have cruised on almost every cruise line and the absolute worst was Pulmantur Cruise Lines. The ship was old and smelly and the service was awful. We decided to take this cruise since it just had some different itineraries, but boy what a mistake. It was so bad we got off on the second stop and flew home. We have traveled on all the major cruise lines including Disney, MSC, Norwegian, Royal, Princess, Holland America, Costa and Carnival but none could compare to the crappy ship like Pulmantur. It usually cruises around the Mediteranean.

  6. Costa, Norwegian, and Carnival

  7. First video really enjoyed it well done

  8. Another tip is don't go on carnival cruises

  9. Nice chemtrails… so sad the Illuminati has to RUIN everything.

  10. I'll "second" that tip about staying out of the Mediterranean in July and August. I just came back from Venice (and other places) and it was indeed miserably hot and packed with people! I love cruising but I found myself cursing the cruisers in this case!

  11. 1 week cruises on any ship, food and entertainment bottom of the ranking probably 2 if you are lucky. They are the shuttle service of any cruise line in and out of port week by week. P & O now charge of half the dining room menu so no longer free and not good see reviews Pacific Jewel.

  12. Kiss Kruize Is Cool!

  13. Avoid cruises with more than 10% mainland Chinese passengers……unless you like loud shouting and a battle each time you line up for your buffet

  14. Never give advice.
    A wise man doesn't need it and a fool wouldn't heed it.

  15. Its a holiday rip off.

  16. avoid cruises to the crappy Bahama Islands.

  17. Great tips as a cruise travel agent for 10years ,everything you said is 100% true .Very rare these days on YouTube! Bravo

  18. I live in Seattle and unfortunately Alaska is basically the end of April to September 28th. The thing about the northwest is that there is a lot of rain; however, the rain is spread out. There are very few days with torrential rains. In fact, geographically, the country of England and the U.S states of Washington and Oregon get very similar weather since both locations receive marine west coast type of weather. However, July is the best month to go for weather. It can get really hot, but a ships compliment may have over 4200, especially the Norwegian Bliss, a new cruise ship. The reason why it's cheaper in September is because there may be more overcast days. But 45 to 55 F is still decent weather. However, Norwegian is no the only one in Seattle. It's just the one I help board. In fact, next year Seattle will get the Noweigon Joy while either the Pearl or Bliss go to Europe in the summer of 2019. But if course there's also Carnival , Princess, and other cruises from other ports.

    P.S. U.S citizens do not get Global Entry at cruise poets due to CBP regulations. Port Everglades is the only one so far with Global Entry. All airports in the U.S have global entry and TSA pre-check. This only applies to US citizens.

    Also, point number 2,, PLEASE bring a VISA or othe legal form of identification in addition to your passport if you are NOT a citizen of the United States or Canada. I'm not sure if the UK is exempt from this rule when it comes to U.S cruise ports and CBP, Customs Border Patrol. I have never taken any cruise lines. I just about the port process to get on th ship.

    If you're from England, you might like an Alaska Cruise in August. If you like hot weather, take an Alaskan cruise in June.

    3rd of all. Don't miss your ship! The last check in may be allowed 2 hours before leaving. If you are already checked in and want to leave the terminal before remarking, ask a crew member, not a port person (not me) when you should be back. They MIGHT want to run some drills and need all customers on board before they run these drills.

  19. I have the best experiences vacationing when I did little organization and don't make itineraries. Planning out every second of your trip is stupid in my opinion because now you have all these expectations set. When I went on the norweigan gem I had a better time than everyone who had every fart and sneeze planned and I walked around in my tie die shirt and other hippy clothing. I would actually mock people acting refined on the ship and had to stop so i wouldn't get thrown off. Was a great cruise!!!

  20. I always say if you want to be around refined people buy first class tickets and stay on your own first class deck of the ship. If you want to act snutty and stuffy in economy that's your own fault and your the one who looks ridiculous in the end not the drinkers

  21. A lot of good and informative tips. A bit more smile and cheerfulness will make it more attractive.

  22. What if I want a themed cruise? How can I have full access?

  23. Just got back from my first cruise. My wife and I went with Celebrity Aug 4-12 in the Caribbean. It was a wonderful experience. The food was good. The ship was spotless. Lots to do. Great staff. It was very busy in the ports of call as there were other cruises in the port with us but I can't really thing of anything negative to say about the experience. I would have liked more time in each port perhaps but the ship itself, Celebrity Equinox, was terrific.

  24. I don't think motorcyclists would charter a ship for an event.

    You know… Because of the fact that they can't motorcycle.

  25. I worked in the reservation center for a cruise line. One day I got a call from a guy that sounded like the stereotype of a college kid. Just a jerk.
    "Hey Bro, I wanna go on a cruise dude"
    I thought it was a joke. Asked all the questions, got a credit card number, he was serious.
    He said he wanted to get wasted and party.
    So I booked him on a ship that was part of the friends of Al group.
    LOL, a ship that was full of former alcoholics and a completely dry ship. No alcohol allowed on board.

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