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  1. Wheres the 2018 cruise symphony of the seas

  2. On 0.00 is press star from geometry dash

  3. I’ve been on harmony, so fu , definitely recommend if u can afford

  4. I worked on a few of these cruise ships. They are amazing. Time to cook.

  5. I’ve been on liberty of the seas

  6. Man I would build these on build a boat but I don’t have the material and time ☹️

  7. You missed Titanic

  8. Sem comentario muito lindo .brasil

  9. Symphony of the seas now leads.

  10. The last one, Harmony of the Seas, is easily the most absurd looking thing afloat ever sent out to sea. It's a total monstrosity that is an insult to to the wonderful liners of the past. Put something like Harmony beside the Queen Elizabeth or the New Amsterdam (both, I think of 1938) or even a ship like the Rotterdam of 1955 which was still declared the world's most popular cruising ship three years running when she was approaching 50 years of age! Harmony of the Seas won't be remembered by anyone except for her staggering absurdity, and I suspect she won't even reach 30! Call me a traditionalist, but surely we are reaching the limit of what designers will try to fob off on us as "ships"?

  11. God they're ugly, theirs not one that has any style are beauty.

  12. Puras chuladas de barcos pero el titanic era mejor

  13. All the ships are same.

  14. لابد ولو مره في العمر الواحد يعمل رحله علي ظهر باخره مثل هؤلاء

  15. Tonnage of of 227,220. That's a good video and this is real.

  16. kalo nowergian escape sudah di jelaskan oleh shiny peanut

  17. The intro song was for DANTDM

  18. Notice how "Costa Concordia" has been airbrushed from history, with no satisfactory explanation of how she sank like a stone .  Had the ship steered into deep water, she would have capsized and sank killing everybody before any lifeboats could have been lowered and even if they did manage to lower a boat, because the boat deck is so far down, the ship would have fell on top of the lifeboat being launched !  factor in a heavy swell and you have major panic amongst 10.000 souls all trying to get off quickly whilst being hampered by the old lady in a wheelchair's slow progress .  Nice.    Safest ship in the world is still QE2  . retired or not.

  19. msc meraviglia is bigger then ms quantum of the seas

  20. in the beginning its dantdm intro

  21. All too big to enjoy, we prefer nothing larger than the Freedom class of RCC. Smaller ships are less crowded and more manageable. Harmony can top 8000 with pass. And crew. No thanks.

  22. I went on the Oasis of the Seas when it was still known as the biggest cruise ship in the world.

  23. Royal caribbean Oasis Crass look like the ship in my country Ha Long Bay has two Titanic ship.

  24. Where is harmony of the seas

  25. I bet crew cabins are still tiny as hell.

  26. Wait for Symphony of the seas

  27. My idea of hell on earth trapped on a cruise on one of these sideways council blocks.

  28. super n awesome

  29. I've been on the Norwegian Epic before

  30. muy bonista himajen

  31. I went on the royal Caribbean

  32. Now the Norwegian breakaway is the biggest in the worls

  33. There is going to be a mega accident one day. They are top heavy. If a fire takes hold or she goes into real rough weather then shit is going to happen.

  34. top 3 biggest cruise ships in the world-

    3- Oasis of the Seas

    2-Allure of the Seas

    1-Harmony of the Seas

  35. When I go on holiday, the very last place I want to spend it is on a fucking cruise ship with 5,000 or 6,000 (whatever) stinking other human beings.

  36. Just imagine the queues!

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