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  1. Hi Andy, dont let ppl put you off doing these vids.. well done. I loved it 🙂

  2. Thank you for such an awesome video, we really liked it! We published it on our FB page with a credit to you 😉

  3. stuck on one of those with a ship full of Dorks , Ass holes and rotten lil bastards.. No thanks

  4. What is cost

  5. So many lucky people in the world that do this and I never could, God Bless them all

  6. Great Video! Ive been on 12 cruises. The last two were on the Ruby Pirncess, and Royal Princess. Your video captured the essence of cruising. Great Job..

  7. St Martin we love you my home sweet home Hurricanes irma came but to god be glory we back on we feet slowly

  8. 6743::;丰田对方的帝都点点滴滴提到低调一点天赋方法,,。。 v vt '

  9. All the red neck rodents go on these cruises

  10. Sounds like an absolute nightmare.

  11. That same Princess Juliana airport is where a woman recently died when she hit her head on some concrete.

  12. Perfect video . Not too much talking or annoying music, lots of natural sounds, not too much or too little footage of each scene. Only need a little more steady camera motion.

  13. I went on the carribean cruise

  14. Very nice coverage of the islands and the ship. We will be on this next year so doing some research and found your channel. Just subscribed and looking forward the watching other videos you made.

  15. Despite the reputed difficulties in approach, there have been no records of major incidents at the Queen Juliana airport.

  16. How in the hell do you get to travel all the time to 40 different places…? Trust fund??

  17. so much alcohol I can not drink ))) 7day !

  18. For the useless people.

  19. Staff don't sound too professional.

  20. wow, cool experience
    thanks for sharing

  21. Wow dancing poco poco

  22. What a great video! We really like it! Would you be so kind to allow us sharing it on our FB page or Twitter with credits to you? 😉

  23. Looks like fun, besides the enormous crowd of ppl.

  24. I WON IT YAY!!!!!!

  25. You 8 hours in each island

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