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  1. They used pritt stick to stick each part together

  2. What is the best solution for shipbuilding is it to paint block by block or to paint after all hot work will be finalized?

  3. How long took it to make it?

  4. How long , did it actually take to build?

  5. That was AWESOME!!! Makes me want to learn to weld and get a job in a ship yard.

    Meh…. maybe I'll just go get a Lego set instead.

  6. its like playing Giant LEGO

  7. Let's destroy the environment a bit more

  8. What's with all the faggotty colors on ships today? Even the design looks ridiculous.

  9. Fun fact, only Flex tape and Flex glue are being used to put the ship parts together

  10. No icebreaker

  11. I think one of the hardest things at building ships is to furnish them…

  12. a fantastic watch for me

  13. Why does it look so dirty on the inside of the ship?

  14. Excellent film. I am waiting for the fitting out portion 🙂

  15. Legos at their finest

  16. How those monsters don't just tip over is a testament to man's ingenuity! It was amazing watching all those sub assemblies come together…

  17. Those prefab sections were gigantic.

  18. Awesome video 🙂

  19. I find this satisfying

  20. I really don't get the conomics of cruise ships – I can understand that ticket sales more than cover operating costs – but a return on the initial build? How many years does that take?

  21. Unattractive!

  22. Nice video, Keep up doing

  23. Shittiest paint job

  24. bei aller Ing.Kunst, Wertigkeit, Schönheit, Arbeitsbeschaffung ecc..
    solche Pötte sind komplett sinnfreie DREXSCHLEUDER sondergleichen – daß hier immer noch das hochgradig giftige Schweröl als Betriebsmittel zum Einsatz kommen muß, ist der pure Hohn vor jedweder Natur…..

  25. reminds me of titanic's bow

  26. Modular ships.

  27. I’d like to speak with the person who designed the paint job

  28. humans look like ants but with tools and big toys

  29. incredeeblahh

  30. At the end, it looks like the wreck of the Costa Concordia.

  31. Whats the wonderful song?

  32. She's a beauty. Never seen a bridge like that though

  33. Amazing, thanx for sharing!

  34. Watching the boat get built with that music playing is so adorable.

  35. It's hard to not think of Tenacious D while watching this video, "rocking and fucking rolling, and fucking rocking and fucking rolling"

  36. The logistics of building these things absolutely blows my mind

  37. Is it possible to pull the engines out of this, or is it not without pulling the ship apart!

  38. Best if watched at .75 speed

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