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  1. Great video! Will be checking this ship out! Thanks

  2. Where is everybody?

  3. Does it have water slides?

  4. I can’t wait to go here!

  5. the only cruise ship i want doesn't exist. someone needs to make a cruise ship centered on a massive fun ADULT pool, where only adults are allowed. it would be a minimum of 10 feet deep at the deep end and the walls would be bulletproof glass and below the ocean it is sailing through, the outside of the pool under the cruise ship in the water would be illuminated 360 degrees so people could swim down with goggles on and see the ocean they are travelling through with all the sea life that would be attracted to the lights.

  6. Am here right now

  7. 2018?? Leaving in 18 more days

  8. Great job showcasing the ship's many offerings!

  9. Las Vegas on water…kinda garish but to each their own. I always thought meals were included in ticket price. Nope. guess not.

  10. Thank u so much for this vid, very very good review!

  11. What country is that cruise ship

  12. As soon as you opened the sliding door on your room, and I heard the noise and music coming off the central area, I knew I would only consider an outside balcony . Great review. Incredible ship!

  13. I am so happy I watched this because I am going on that same ship in July

  14. agreed with it is like a floating town

  15. my friend was on that boat lol

  16. Going on this Ship in 2019 Can't wait…..Family together again. Just the place to be !!

  17. it looked so cool

  18. anyone know if there is a teens club?

  19. It’s like Yas WaterWorld In U.A.E Abu Dhabi

  20. very nice informative video. thanks for including the prices of the speciality restaurants. will be going on this ship in october, excited and can't wait.

  21. Via images I saw that the suits literally have 2 floors, and bedrooms. Also the those balconies overlooking the aqua theater are aqua theater suits, they have 1 living room, 1 bathroom, and 2 bedrooms. There is a grand suit where it is HUGE, it’s larger than my house. It has a piano, 2 floors, a chandelier, it’s too much to explain. Anyways I went on allure before in a indoor room, deck 8 room 535

  22. Design is ugly and they need to paint it like cunard not all white

  23. You pay so much for the trip, I don't understand why you have to pay to use their restaurants. That should be included in your package.

  24. My wife and I went on this ship for our Honeymoon. We highly recommend it! Our favorite part was adults only solarium at the front of the ship. It has a breakfast bar in the morning and the best views for cruising on the days at sea. However, for the sea days at sea you will want to be up there bright and early if you want a chair up against the glass with a good view. We will be going on another for our one year anniversary. Maybe the Harmony this time? Cant wait!

  25. I remember this trip when I was 8 years old in 2011 damn those were good times


  27. Wow super osm

  28. April 28th 7 days I'm so excited with my wifey who never ever left Minneapolis mn bout to blow her mind

  29. We are going early next year and have 2 boys 9, 11 and also a baby who will be 1 then. Do you think there is enough for kids their age to be entertained?(obviously not the baby!)

  30. Nice video. Will do a cruise onboard next november. About evening shows, when can we make the booking please?

  31. Awesome informative video and very professionally done! Just booked a family trip on this ship for next year and this gave us a great overview of the ship. Thank you

  32. I'm going on that cruise on October 21st

  33. I am going again it fun cruise ship I went 2017 Dec I am going again on 2019 Dec

  34. All this was was a tour – there was no "review" of the ship. A little disappointing, but still one of the better A.O.T.S videos I have come across.

  35. leaving next week for my trip on Allure, thanks for the video really informative!

  36. How on earth they can build such a ship!!!??
    Truly a flouting city..

  37. I went on the Oasis of the Seas in 2016. I loved it. Allure of the Seas looks like the twin sister ship. Great Video. Going on the Allure in 2018!

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