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  1. Really music fantastic……! and foto love love

  2. Well done, suitable music, interesting!

  3. que porquería de edición

  4. excelente me gusto su estructura

  5. I have been crossing this Panama canal in several occasions. during many years since 1973….to 2009…

  6. Una musica meno di merda non l'hanno trovata

  7. 2 minutes and I'm done.

  8. bi polar prick all over the show like a fucken dogs breakfast

  9. And its not a ship! its a boat.

  10. one finh ship

  11. I got tired of watching two autos crossing a bridge so I moved on to another video. If PlanetApes does this to me again, I just will not load any more of their videos.

  12. Really boring music!

  13. amazing… nice video

  14. Bad editing, bad music, boring

  15. Fantastico guardare queste meraviglie

  16. mauvaise musique ,mal filmé sans explication ;à refaire correctement !

  17. muy mala la compaginaron no se que quiso hacer

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