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  1. I have to agree with you! We went on an MSC cruise out of Miami and although it was a beautifully decorated ship and the staff was great and accommodating. The food was “meh” and the entertainment was just OK. They had a Michael Jackson show which was decent, however most shows were not in English or understandable. If you’re going to jump into the American market you should cater to the American lifestyle. I get it, the ship and crew are from EU and/or Asia but I feel they loose sight of their target market being based out of an American port.

  2. why are you wearing a shirt in the jacuzzi you wierdo

  3. We travelled this summer on a princess cruise ship, with two of our children aged 17 and 20. We went with two cabins rather than a suite because of the bathroom. Two cabins equals two bathrooms. Worked out great!

  4. We just booked this same room what about the wifi

  5. You should like an audiobook reader . Like on audible . Good video

  6. Nice going to have to look into this cruise line. The shower setup is stupid, we went to france for 2 weeks and nearly all the showers were like that.. makes no damn sense.

  7. Fantatsic review Jim, superbly put together, we were gonna go on the msc seaside and go for a large balcony/suite but you have put us off it now, because lets face it a cruise is food/entertainment, thanks great review, tell me what do you think of royal carribean ships??

  8. idk why is you voice so relaxing

  9. Jim, Could you please rank your favorite cruises, like your top 5. This review was helpful and definitely helped me decide not to choose MSC. Thank you!

  10. Jeez you cant expect everything to be designed to Americans

  11. Jim, you sound like the narrator from the show, How It's Made. One of my favorite shows on TV!

  12. Regardless of catering to US market or not, if in general the food just isn't good, that takes away one of the main selling points of a cruise trip. I would really enjoy the unlimited gelato though, that can probably be my breakfast, lunch and dinner. The bathroom design is a bit weird, it's so disproportionate that the room appears so large with extra unnecessary couches while the bathroom is tiny. I've also seen the half panel glass a lot in my travels and it is a bit annoying but I'm just not as nice – I leave the wet floor for other people to clean – so it should bother them more than it bothers me! I'm actually interested in looking into this ship a bit, but out of the negatives, the tiny bathroom bothered me the most.

  13. The design choice in that room is hideous. Looks so dark and dingy.

  14. highlight was the Jacuzzi ??????? wow stay at home and take a bath 😉

  15. Did you hear this guy snicker at his joke about sleeping on the pull out bed lol starting at 5:20. Lol I can't stop laughing!

  16. if that tiny washtub was the "HIGHLIGHT OF THE CRUISE", man I got to say, that would be a very shit trip

  17. nobody cares about fox news

  18. Damn empty for a cabin of that cost. Let me redesign those things to make it look like its worth the cost atleast!

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