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  1. Here’s hoping that other competitor cruise lines view this video and honor this lifetime ban so that You don’t get to sail PERIOD. It’s assholes like You guys that make cruising very unpleasant. Be careful what You post on social media, You’ve been warned.

  2. Were you drunk?

  3. Glad you were banned. You all are what is wrong with society. Rich entitled white kids.

  4. Carnival owns MOST cruise lines so finding another one will be pretty hard

  5. AH’s. glad you got banned …. IDIOTS

  6. These morons should be ban from life.

  7. These guys are a bunch of Ding-a-lings

  8. Assholes like that prove their parents must be assholes too

  9. Joey you’re an idiot..

  10. You people are fucking garbage.

  11. I really want to bring boxing gloves and lightly spar with people who want to box, will it cause me to likely get kicked off? Should I only spar bjj? Should just wait till be dock? Can I even spar on the Dock. PS I really loved the video excet for the yelling and fire, that shit is why I am scared to cruse.

  12. I hope you get bone cancer.

  13. Not men yet …………….men real men ………… do this …………ever ……hope people sent this to the other ships ..i have a copy so delete it if you want

  14. I am all for a good prank, but what you guys did was not funny at all. Destroying property, annoying guests, and almost starting a fire is not funny. Someone could have been hurt.

  15. How much money do you have to spend in the casino to get a free cruise?

  16. You clowns are nothing more than a bunch of uncivilized morons Do you think that these people who work on the ships have nothing else to do but to put up with this. The conduct was disrespectful dangerous and childish. You should be banned for life

  17. Almost burning down the ship?! I have been living, and working on this ship. In case, if you set fire, and something happens, I would be the one, who saves your ass, before my own. Keep in mind next time you play with fire in your cabin!

  18. And yet another reason why I don't sail carnival. It's like the trailer park of the cruise industry, it's really cheap….which makes all the low life people like this guy and his idiot friends be able to scrape enough money together for a ticket.

  19. In America there seems to be an unwritten law that condones or encourages spoiled, ignorant, attention seeking adolescent twats like these to act like children with A.D.H.D. You see it in colleges, resorts and now on cruise ships. If they tried to ruin my holiday they would get a smack, end of!

  20. assholes..plain and simple

  21. You should have had your punk asses thrown over board

  22. Did u know on these cruises if u leave a cup somewhere (behind a bird or somethin else) when u come back it's gone :O

  23. really immature nothing to be proud of

  24. and you think your funny?

  25. Should be ashamed of yourselves. This is why American tourists are looked down on. Grow up !

  26. Wow, a video portraying you to be even dumber than you were to begin with. Grow up. Your parents must be proud.

  27. I would not consider this to be 'pranking' – it's just stupidity.

  28. Can't beleive you got away with it, most cruise lines would of off loaded you at the next port, maybe carnival need to pull their socks up

  29. What a bunch of jerks.

  30. Nice spelling at 0:53, dipshit.

  31. Not filming in the casino should've been common sense.

  32. So glad they banned…A group of annoying, careless, immature overgrown boys…Reflecting how sorry your parents were that you can behave so irresponsibly, rude, & willing to harm or endanger other just so you can get "like" and "subscribe" Grow the fuck up, get a job, behave like civilized people!!!

  33. Completely agree with all the other comments. Please share your names on-line so when you book into a ship, hotel or whatever and have a partner and a few kids of your own then I can book the cabin or room next door and bang on your door at 4am and terrify your wife and make your kids cry hysterically that they won't be able to stop them crying and when you open your door in anger me and my girlfriends can say " fooled you, ha, ha, ha. Funny joke" and run off. What goes around comes around buddy.

  34. you deserve to be banned for being fucking morons, it's common sense to not break things, the ship you dumb shits went on costs about 60 million usd and you're breaking shit on it.

  35. Could of set the ship on fire…. retards

  36. Fuckin' cocksuckers.

  37. People there is a reason why they posted this knowing it will lead to insults for's called VIEWS!!! Other wise why would they allow comments??? and yes they are retards.

  38. Royal Caribbean

  39. Why couldn't have they been killed by a faulty elevator?

  40. NOT only broke the cruise line policy,  they  broke the International Maritime Law.FBI or   COAST GUARD  are look into criminal investigation.This punk has nerve to say "subscribe."

  41. This is what you get when you go on the motel 6 of the seas.Low class ships with low class scum that go on it.

  42. How dare you.

  43. screw with the wrong people you will be fish food.

  44. what are you 5?

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