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  1. Best tip. Don't go. It's like spending way too much time in an RSL club.

  2. Thanks for the tips! My family and I cruise a lot and are always open to new tips and tricks to make our trip easier. 🙂 -Michelle

  3. Thank you, this is very helpful.

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  5. Excellent Video. Thank you! I'm trying to go on a Mediterranean cruise in summer of 2019, and i plan to propose to my girlfriend on it. This video definitely helped solidify my plans!

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  7. Ginger pills. Three days before and all days during, works great for motion sickness.

  8. Some really great information here. Thanks so much for asking around and sharing. 🙂

  9. we love travelling on Princess and the loyalty program is real and helpful when it comes to internet availability, washing, and little treats in your cabin. Only thing we are disappointed with is that as a disabled person we are never offered an upgrade of cabin from indoor to outdoor and have often found that at the last minute non disabled people are given a outdoor disabled room when it would be really wonderful to have the chance to have an upgrade to an outdoor cabin at the last minute as a disabled person. It is our usual practice to have an indoor cabin which then allows us the extra money to do more tours from the ship. Love to see Princess give more consideration to this as many non disabled clients are offered the upgrade so why not a disabled person. I know they are often available because we often travel with friends and on several occasions these friends have been offered an upgrade at the last minute and they have had disabled rooms not ordinary rooms. This is my one request where Princess could do better, everything else we are extremely happy travelers with.

  10. great advice on what Princess offers and generally speaking our first choice of ship to travel on.

  11. So much great insider info. Can't wait for my first cruise in January! I will definitely be using all of these tipis.

  12. I never take the lift (elevator)! It's such a waste of your cruise just waiting. I usually get distracted and wander off onto another floor anyway.

  13. I took carnival splendor

  14. Good tips. I can second the getting free stuff for attending events. We went to the morning show and it wasn't well attended. The cruise director gave everyone free chocolate covered strawberries for attending, which was pretty cool.

  15. Great tips! I'm cruising in 3 days, my question is for the sodas, does it have to be in the soda box or it don't matter as long as you only take 12 cans.?

  16. Video Tip:
    Don't shoot people from below. It's a very unflattering angle.

  17. The lady in orange/pink tee does not speak very clearly. She needs to enunciate better. Also, where can you go to smoke? Can I smoke in my cabin? What is the age limit for drinking in clubs/restaurants? Nothing worse than sloppy drunk 17-20 year olds….ugh! Is there any place you can go to get away from drunk or loud kids, where they are NOT allowed to go? Also, NO food is complimentary? You have to pay for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Are there coffee makers in the cabins? Can I bring my own special coffee or do I have to drink mud coffee? Finally, are there any cruise lines that cater only to older people, age range from 40-80 with NO kids? Thanks if you read this and answer back.

  18. Very helpful video! Thank you very much

  19. Cool stuff here. I just posted my own video about cruise ship vacations and I would love to get your feedback. Thanks!

  20. can the same tips be applied to all different cruises like Thompson cruise

  21. if you didn't go straight to the bofey wouldn't all the food be gone

  22. Don't ever use a Travel agent especially Ayala travel

  23. Don't buy beverage packages. They are over priced and you don't get your money's worth. They start from $170 for beer only to $400 for liquor and beer

  24. Tip: Don't bring your wife. Don't get drunk and fall overboard. Don't add a tip to a drink purchase (it's already added). The last cruise I took, the passengers were so old, they called me "Sonny". I'm 76. Beware if instead of a running track up top, there's a track for electric wheelchairs.

  25. Is there a flow rider on the carnival vista?

  26. I really appreciate and endorse Lillie West's advice that overindulgent people should take a walk or hit the gym. I have a rule onboard that I never violate: except for embarkation and disembarkation (when I have luggage with me), I never take the elevator. NEVER. I never gain weight on a cruise and believe me you can easily do 100 flights of stairs in a day on a large ship. Just my tip. Thanks for a great video.

  27. of course you should bring your own bottled water, unless you have a good drinks package that includes it. The cruise ships upcharge way too much for bottled water, which i think is ridiculous considering it is a necessity.

  28. You definitely need to make a reservation before hand on a carnival ship. I dont know about any other lines though, I've never been on any other line than carnival

  29. How come one person can't book a room for themselves, why is it always based on double occupancy? And why mid ship for first timers?

  30. I would love to be a travel specialist one day ❤️ #goalsforthefuture

  31. Awesome information! Thanks!

  32. Very helpful information, especially about Special Needs at Sea, that will come in handy as I travel with parents who have mobility issues.

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