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  1. 2:10 that view <3<3<3

  2. What a amazing trip buddy

  3. Congratulations for all who like this but i would feel trapped in there.

  4. What if the ship hit an iceberg in moonless night??

  5. they act so stupid…

  6. Hello Eric & Allison, thanks for this lovely vlog on the The Symphony of the Seas made in Saint-Nazaire, France 🙂

  7. ειναι λιγο χαζοχαρουμενο αλα ορεο

  8. Yeah, “Netflix and chill”

  9. I personally would rather travel on the Royal Caribbean smaller ships such as Empress of the Seas. The itineraries are more interesting because Empress can go into smaller ports. I have no desire to spend a week with 6000 other people, many of them children.

  10. What was the cost of this cruise? Thanks for response!!

  11. I would like to take a cruise but I'm scare of at the same time

  12. simply amazing, how does it float? lol

  13. its just a big waste of natural ressources

  14. I think the Titanic is bigger…

  15. My main purpose on cruising is to be alone with my wife and my daughter. This is not my ship

  16. so that looks fun… with cheery happy people.

  17. yet another vlog with the same ng music

  18. Wait this is bigger then the oasis?

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