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  1. I've just booked and it didn't say that had to pay upfront

  2. Umm curious, I have steak house reserved for our Alaskan Cruise in Sept, wonder if I can pay now?

  3. I think it's a great idea to prepay for specialty dining. One less expense onboard. I already have a steakhouse reservation in October on the Carnival Magic and received my email confirmation. Do you know if I will need to change it because of the new system?

  4. Those changes makes sense to me. I would imagine that encouraging folks to commit by paying up front will cut down on wasted food that was purchased and prepared only to have someone show up. Maybe they should think about this for the photos???

  5. I like to pre-pay, keep me in the know about how much money I have to spend once on the Ship. I think Carnival's decision is all about business, twice I wanted to get a reservation and it's booked, now all those cancelled spots can be used by others, kinda like at the Doctor, no show you pay.

  6. I like having as much paid for in advance, that way I know what my souvenir spending limit is since I've paid for everything else ahead of time.

  7. Quick question…I have a cruise scheduled for Dec., 2019 and have reservations already booked. Do I need to call them about this since I already have the reservations? I just don't want to lose my date and time I already have scheduled.

  8. I got my steak house confirmation 2 weeks ago. I need to check my credit card

  9. Love it! We love to have as much as possible paid for before the cruise! We booked chefs table for next cruise but have not been charged yet. Wonder if they will ask us to pay before we sail as we booked it a few months ago.

  10. I think it is a great idea. If everything is prepaid, no worries of a big bill in the end.

  11. Works for me I like to pre pay everything I can. I don’t want to come home and pay off last vacation. I want to come home and start paying for next vacation.

  12. This is great.

  13. Less stressful

  14. It only makes sense to me. Watching what Virgin is doing with their specialty dining/buffett approach I feel like the industry is changing a bit. However, what I forsee hapenning in the future based on our experience on Ovation to Alaska and with our wedding cruise on the Escape is the quality/structure of food inside MDR will become more cookie cutter. Just to keep the conversation going (who ever is reading this) Do you all think Cruiselines are beginning to shift their focus on creative/quality specialty dining and leaving the MDR to a static menu? Great video.

  15. I like the change. It is fair to all.

  16. I am so glad Carnival is doing this. I like to prepay as much of my cruise before I ever board. I'm on a 13-day repositioning Cruise in June on the Carnival Radiance and I'm happy I can book at least two or three specialty dining venues throughout the cruise and keep it within my budget.

  17. I’ve made reservations on the carnival for specialty dining before this change. I have my reservations for the first night. I didn’t pre pay. I hope they don’t cancel my reservations.

  18. I love being able to pre-pay for my cruise extras before I travel.

  19. Yes, I like to prepay everything. Then I just need a little on-shore spending money 🙂

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