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  1. Cool.I learned something

  2. You sir, are a genius.

  3. Thank you! Definitely found this helpful.

  4. Nice tip on the closet space…..I knew they adjusted; but just never knew how!!!!!!!!! Happy Cruising and thanks again!

  5. Next Tip…. how did you get those nails brother ?? Hahaha… good video

  6. Thank youuuuu!! Good to know

  7. Dang, best trick ever!
    thank you!

  8. Love this. Thanks, Derek

  9. Nice, I’ve never noticed that

  10. Huh, 5 Carnival cruises and I never noticed that. Thanks!

  11. That's a great tip. I think there's plenty of room to hang my husband. Shhh – don't tell anybody.

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