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  1. Wow the scenery is definitely amazing. Loved Dee's whale and bird calls. Thanks for sharing guys sincerely, Adventures of David and Aaron

  2. That’s where I live

  3. I went to Alaska on the Legend in June 2015 and had a blast. Alaska is so beautiful and we had a balcony too. We would sit out and watch all the whales and other sea life. Plus, the crew onboard and the food was also great. Next time we visit Alaska it will be a land tour so we can go moose or some kind of hunting.

  4. We are going to Alaska in early August – love your videos. Is it just us or is the sound cutting out in portions???

  5. You too are the best YouTube I know you are always so happy if I’m having a bad day I see your video and I’m happy the rest of the day thanks for the entertainment love you guys

  6. This looks so peaceful! I'm cold natured so the idea of Alaska makes me shiver but it's so dang pretty!

  7. Is Dee channeling her inner Dory talking to the whales?

  8. that was awesome,

  9. My son and I are going on this cruise at the end of August. Yall have made me even more excited for this trip…

  10. Heading to Alaska on the Legend in July. Enjoy watching your videos and seeing what I have to look forward to. Can't wait.

  11. Alaska T Shirt Company is the best store ever! Thank for an assessment vlog

  12. That's the key Dee, laying.

  13. Omg the whale sock moment cracked me up!

  14. Alaska is unpredictable that's why it one of the seven wonder of the world.

  15. I agree with Dee…white chocolate is gross.

  16. "Ju-neau what I mean…?"
    Your funny stuff makes me pause the stream so I don't miss more of your lines while I'm laughing. 🙂

  17. Oh my goodness!! Love the glacier!!!!

  18. Great vlog! Loving the series

  19. Wow, another awesome video. Juneau looks like a nice, quaint little town. Love Dee's pictures. Is this your best cruise so far?

  20. Not
    My type of cruise guys … and the ship
    Must be boring without going swimming or suntanning lol

  21. My Alaskan cruise isn't until 2020, so I'm living vicariously through you guys. Thanks for the videos. That scenery is beautiful!

  22. That wasn't grassy stuff it was the remnants of the last CCL ship that dumped it's load in there lol

  23. Really Enjoy your videos. After watching your videos, I am putting Alaska on my list…

  24. Favorite Youtubers

  25. Love the furry hat and whale socks Jay! Great door sign, too! The scenery is so beautiful! Dee you do the best animal sounds! Jay thank you for pointing out the potty for any service dog animals. I support an organization that raises and trains dogs to be service animals for military personnel who have injuries and PTSD, etc. It is so comforting to know the ship supports doggies! Maybe we can take a support animal cruise with a group. I am so enjoying this cruise so far…..thank you!

  26. that's so cool

  27. The whale socks rock!!

  28. Beautiful scenery!

  29. Lol catching up. You guys are so corny it’s too cute. Can’t wait to meet you guys in March. We saw whales when we sailed to Puerto Rico Tfs Shelly

  30. Love it. Always great videos.

  31. Sorry! Guess I was impatient. Glad you are having so much fun.

  32. Hi Dee and Jay!!! You guys are hilarious!! Great whale calls Dee!!! Beautiful scenery, for sure!! Hugs!!

  33. Decided against binge watching lol but thank you for email.

  34. Jay’s hat at the beginning is awesome! Love Dee’s whale call, sounds like Dory. The eagle charm was cute. Juneau looks so beautiful.

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