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  1. going in a week 🙂

  2. I got on this ship when was like 1 years old now I’m 9

  3. Don't forget to pack those elastic pants!

  4. debería llamarse Carnival México bueno con respecto a los mexicanos

  5. So so so so so COOL

  6. I'm going on this ship 2 weeks from now so excited but scared of it rains

  7. Going in 58 days lol

  8. Wow, just came back from victory cruise and like 90% looks way different now. Yhe kids spaces were better before.

  9. If you guys are going this upcoming year this is the older boat they just did it again

  10. I'm going on the 21

  11. So much waaayysted

  12. Omg was went on carnival victory and carnival vista AKA the cruis eh bee family went on XD I went on carnival victory on 2015 and ca carnival vista on may 2018

  13. whoes going on june 29

  14. To me the Victory, Vista and Sensation are the prettiest to me.

  15. I will be there in August whose coming?

  16. Please be aware that Carnival Cruises are a playground for pedophiles – also know that the company security is made up of underpaid idiot's.

  17. Going on this ship October 2018

  18. Man, a lot has changed since my voyage to Halifax in 2008. Nice to see the Sirens' Pool is still around.

  19. Going this june. This boat is sooo much better than my last. Got me extremely excited

  20. Omg on my 12th birthday (two years on May 14) I am going on one and I was super excited now I am 9000x percent excited cause of this video!


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