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  1. aw i recently went on the carnival vista this past february and will be going on the imagination (i think??) in november!! and the legend last summer. super excited to go again the vista has been my fav ship!

  2. what is the pay by any chance?

  3. So funny, I just came back from there

  4. What's that song's name in 16:50? It's always played on cruise ships and I like it! Just never found the name.

  5. Did you get your pins at all on this cruise? Also next year I’m going on the carnival vista and I will be a gold VIFP member too

  6. Hey Sarah, the adult only lounge on carnival ships is the Serenity

  7. I went on the same ship

  8. I really hope you know how privileged you are. You're seriously so so lucky. Where I grew up nobody went further than the jail to either visit or be incarcerated. Watching this is leaving me in aw

  9. Lmao watching this because somehow my ghetto ass found a way to win a cruise trip.i can afford going roller skating on my own and she is saying she's been on more than one????? Jesus I wish I was rich

  10. I'm going on independence of the seas in july 2019. I'm bring a 9yo with me any tips for kids? ( we live in Ireland and then we're flying to England, Southampton. ) I can't wait!

  11. I am going here too

  12. Thanks this episode was very helpful because I’m going on it in august

  13. I’m going on the same ship tomorrow I hope it goes well

  14. You have to put up with that noise and crowds for days at a time? Not a chance.

  15. I’m going on that cruise in two years I can’t wait.

  16. AUGUST 5, 2018

  17. This is such a nice edited and filmed video! Hope you enjoyed your cruise!

  18. Okay real quick when I went on my first cruise on carnival the rooms looked checking different like for real is there like different room with high prices you have to pat or something?

  19. The fish are on norwegian cruises. Not carnival.

  20. I have been on 6 cruises. Hope you have fun!

  21. Like it. We did some videos too of our cruise

  22. I'm going on Carnival Vista in November it sound fun

  23. I went on the Carnival Vista for Christmas it was so much fun and I was on the 9th floor to

  24. I’m going on a cruise soon, I’m terrified.. anyone have any advice?

  25. THIS MAKES ME WANT MY CRUISE FASTER!!!!!!( p.s. nice vlog I subbed and liked)

  26. It’s muster not mustard

  27. Weird, I don’t get tingles from asmr, but somehow this gave me tingles lmaooo

  28. I’m not going on a cruise for another 2 years but I’m still so excited!! I’ll defo come back to this vid near the time to prepare myself x

  29. I am going on a cruise this November. I have not been in about 5 years, I was only 11 and I only slightly remember what happened but I thinking about vlogging. I am older now and I want to remember this one because my grandma said she is not going on anymore after this one. I am going on the Carnival Breeze and I am so excited and watching this video made me remember the fun I had years ago.

  30. Cruises are so much fun! I'm extremely happy I vlogged my Adventure of the Seas Royal Caribbean vacation from last summer. Great memories!

  31. Did you get a Blue Screen of Death while you there lol
    Get it
    Cuz it's carnival WINDOWS Vista

  32. I'm going on the royal Caribbean this summer. SOOO EXCITED! And after the cruise I get to go to NYC! This will be the highlight of my summer. Any tips for the cruise for ship day?

  33. Going on a cruise in july

  34. You should go on carnival valor!

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