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  1. I been on the carnival dream and I am about to go on this boat hell yea

  2. 3 sets of Best Friends ranging from 18 to 78 sailed on this ship last year, WE ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!

  3. I’ll see you tomorrow Vista!!!!! I’m so EXCITED

  4. I was just on it

  5. They forgot circle c and o2 lounges

  6. u need a rock wall

  7. I found all these Fantastic cabins from the Carnival Horizon it's the brand new ship. I just got off of my vacation it was fantastic. i found it at this channel

  8. I'm leaving for this cruise tommorow

  9. November i will be on it have been 2 times love it

  10. Do they have a casino?

  11. I want to see pictures of the rooms

  12. I am going on the inspiration

  13. Vista ship was 1 incredible ship!

  14. This is in Florida or where

  15. I so remember all of this. I was in this boat 2 weeks ago! It was amazing! I’m going on Carnival Magic in a few months!

  16. I mean we. Have been on the carnival freedom and are going on the vista During thanksgiving

  17. Also been on carnival vista we will go on the visit for Thanksgiving

  18. I love this video it was so amazing it makes me happy each time I watch it!!!

  19. No casino?!??!?!!??!!

  20. I am going on my the vesta in 2019

  21. I love this cruise!!!

  22. im not even going on a cruise but i really want to

  23. Going on you this year

  24. July 2018 is not getting here fast enough…….. Carnival Vista…..8 Days. just me and the wifeeee

  25. We’re there in October 2018!! Hoot Hoot!!

  26. Now THIS is what I call a fantastic design! Although I would love to have seen "Pinnacle" become a reality, VISTA is definitely a solid competitor (maybe even superior) to RCI's FREEDOM class which my family loves to sail. I have never been a fan of Carnival's ships because I have always felt they lacked imagination in design and features, but this is one ship I will DEFINITELY book passage on! Congrats to the designers, they hit a home run on this one for sure. Now if only Carnival could improve on their class of passengers. :-/

  27. I’ll be going in 2020 but I’ll be 15 by then

  28. Going on this cruise on the 7th of January 2018 reply if your going on it to!

  29. Please do not contact Mike at Affluent Journey about any vacation. He gets his facts wrong and is very rude. He only cares about making money and needs to learn some customer service skills. He does great videos but doesn't want to be bothered with questions or concerns. BEWARE DO NOT USE HIM FOR A TRAVEL AGENT!

  30. I’m going on this cruise November 11, 2k18 can’t wait!!!

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  32. Sorry Carnival but I still prefer Royal Caribbean.

  33. I think this ship is the top of the line. I can't wait to plan my cruise on the Horizon. It is beautiful.

  34. i am waiting2 GO on this ship WHEN IT comeS 2 Texas between 2018 @ 2019 soon as i fine some dates 2 book MY CRUISE JUST WENT ON A CRUISE THIS YEAR

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