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  1. Amazing. And speechless after viewing this!

  2. pretty neat

  3. Great Work!

  4. Why are they wearing gloves? Are the parts poisonous?

  5. Ohhh its hard work !

  6. They better had checked the dipstick every time they filled up the tank.

  7. Nice Video. I am a bit surprised that they didn't use some location pins to align the top and bottom part when constructing the engine. But maybe they did not anticipate frequent crankshaft failures…

  8. Wow!! Great job. All of you!

  9. how many days are they working

  10. Ha ha those crank main bearing caps are the size of furniture pieces

  11. These guys are true riggers.

  12. thanks for the crappy music

  13. Good job done.
    Good video, thx for upload.

  14. Good fitting,with fitters thinking on the job as it goes. Can't plan that one a spreadsheet !

  15. How much does it cost to replace a crankshaft like that?

  16. wow , amazing

  17. Watching this with a 6-year old who's mouth is still open. When he grows up he wants to be an engineer apparently…

  18. and the people above have no idea to the complex world that moves their floating hotel

  19. Crankshaft bought in ebay,

  20. Simply amazing! Imagine if it was the wrong size whey they tried to install it lol

  21. the epic music was actually appropriate

  22. Thank god they thought about service when designing this ship, WOW what a job, I got tired just watching…

  23. At 3:33 that is ONE HELLUVA SMALL CRANK for an engine that size !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I would have thought the crank would have more stroke.

  25. "Boss, i left my glove under there"

  26. John Cena could have carried that crank shaft down the stairs single handedly .

  27. amazing human engineering and teamwork!

  28. oooh man i would just leave the old crankshaft somewhere in the corner….

  29. How frustrating it would have been to overlook the possibility of skidding the shaft in backwards! It'd have to be taken out of the ship, flipped, and lowered in again.

  30. I would've thought an engine that size would have a longer stroke

  31. Dont knock it or drop it you will have to restart

  32. what's the torque specs on the main caps??

  33. ALE never ceases to amaze me.

  34. Thanks for the video!

  35. Will that fit in my honda?


  37. this is nothing i replaced the crankshft in my lawnmower over a week ago and i am still having nightmares

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