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  1. Pay the set amount in gratuities and extra to the ones that provide you personal service. You have to hope the gratuities are split as they say so. You can't give everyone cash in hand. Something is better than nothing.

  2. Do. Not. Remove. Automatic. Gratuities.

  3. You had one of the most informative videos on cruise basics I've seen, thx

  4. I worked on celebrity cruises for a few years. Let me help you understand how the tipping/ gratuities work. However much you pay a day (depending on the ship) gets totaled up and split between each crew member that works in housekeeping, wait staff and bartenders. And trust me it's not much. So always pay your tips and whichever crew members exceeds your expectations give them a hand to hand tip as well as a positive comment card. Being away from your loved ones for 6 months plus can be very hard not to mention the very long hours. So please don't encourage someone not to pay the tips. It matters!!

  5. This is awful that you are suggesting removing the tips even by half these people work hard many more hours a day than a typical work week they serve you clean after you even your children. If you don’t want to pay the gratuity on board pre-pay them as part of the fare not pay half cash and half on the bill. Cute kids


  7. Tip my ass! I paid a kings ransom before cruising.

  8. Bring a set of walkie talkies! We chose not to get WiFi and there is no phone service, so when you separate from your group it’s easy to keep in contact!

  9. Good tips, thanks!!

  10. I've been researching spending less while on cruise trips and found a fantastic website at Carls Cruise Cutter (look it up on google)

  11. i thought gratuity was mandatory?

  12. You can get towel clips at the dollar store.

  13. You keep sneaking alcohol on…hope you get disembarked to save $50.

  14. she should say this is for carnival cause some of these tips are different for royal caribbean

  15. Alcohol in toiletry containers is the best tip in the video.

  16. Carnival cruise ❤️

  17. Pay your gratuities. Pay them before you sail and then you won’t miss the money. They work hard

  18. I will need probably for 7 days cruise around 35-40 shampoo bottles 🙂

  19. The dollar store has towel clips.

  20. Everyone has their panties in a bunch about alcohol and tipping. You use your best judgment when doing things, so either you do the before mentioned things(tipping/alcohol) or you don't, it's that simple.And I know half of you all take your own food into the movie theaters so calm down! lol But It is interesting to know where that tip money actually goes and how much of it they actually receive. Cruise lines probably take out a collection or processing fee before the taxes are even taken.

  21. Book ur next cruise with Norwegian they usually offer on board packages when you book , unlimited beverages ,WiFi , free dinners , on board credits. …just pick the right cruise line you don’t have to do all this sneaking around ❤️

  22. Ok, first to begin with you don’t tell people to sneak Alcohol on a Cruise ship, when they have rules that’s wrong……. it’s a no-no for me. Then you’re telling people to put alcohol into shampoo bottles and sunscreen bottles that isn’t sanitary,……now when you first come to cruise everyone is Prepaid This is how d’s people are payed they work so hard for u and i so out of the kindness in our hearts we give them the extra tips because they work very hard for us they have families to mine. so how dear you go to take back that money thats already inside to pay these workers for there services, (you’re lower then the white line on the road) you’re a cheap bitch that robs people, you have know class about yourself you’re a classless woman. your advice and tips are no good,…. if YouTube pay you less then you deserve how would you feel about that? Lady, lady ,lady you’re a disgrace to the human race. And remember mercy is given where mercy is shown.

  23. What cruise is this ? I’m going on one in two weeks and can’t wait ❤️ hope you had fun x

  24. Sneaking alcohol onboard and encouraging others to do the same, not cool. It can actually get you kicked off a ship because cruise lines are cracking down, rules are rules. Other than that…. helpful video and your kiddos are adorable! Good for you guys enjoying life with babies onboard.

  25. this is stupid, why do that work. you can show any of the places your card, and they can get you any of those drinks as well. because it is already loaded on the card, and you should have letters on the card for the cards

  26. I was liking it until you encouraged ppl to take off the tips not cool , the staff works to hard to be stiffed on the gratuity

  27. I'm setting sail next month!
    Can't wait!

  28. Stay home if you are too stingy to pay tips, much cheaper.

  29. those alcohol hacks are like the ones i hear at AA meetings

  30. I always remove the gratuities and pay my room steward and wait staff in equivalent cash. I prefer to know they actually got what they deserved as I'm pretty sure Carnival takes a percentage out of it anyway….

  31. I have been on several cruises. Prepay all your gratuities before you even get on the ship. If you pay it as part of the cost of the cruise you never miss the money. In fact I am going again in 2019 and my tips for 5 days were 75 dollars extra. That is pretty cheep in my book.

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