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  1. Wow even know-it-alls get caught

  2. I don't know why folks get mad when their booze is found. You know the rules, sometimes we get away with it sometimes we don't. I have gotten away with it and I have been caught. I will say this, I have never had anything destroyed or poured overboard. when they found it they left a note in the room saying that a prohibited item had been confiscated and that it would be returned at the end of the cruise which they did return it. No need to get mad when you are actually the one who is in the wrong to start with. I carried lime juice in my carry own and they were fine with that as well.

  3. Why would you.

  4. That is the power of social media advertising….

  5. FYI you're an asshole for sneaking your shit on board. You know you're not supposed to do it but you still do, and fuck you for giving or allowing your wife to drink while pregnant. Find out what Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is. Dipshit.

  6. Had to thumbs down because of the sneaking alcohol. Other than that, like the video and your personality just follow the rules, it's better for everyone that way.

  7. i think its funny that people give up secret of how to sneak on alcohol and are surprised when the cruise line figures it out lol

  8. I felt the same way when my alcohol didn’t make it through. I was so disappointed lol

  9. I don't like carnival drink package. I'm not counting my drinks. lol

  10. Take alcohol from a Mexican, that is way worse than the wall

  11. Of course they confiscated your alcohol what did you expect? Lol

  12. Each cruise line is different. Carnival is cheap and bought out by Chinese corporation. The ships are literally falling apart. They bought Holland America too. Tacky. It's getting dam personal when the corporation controls your personal consumption on this level. Total BS. They should be happy you pay anything to risk your life.

  13. Screw top wine bottles resealed with new wine wraps works great to bring hard alcohol on lines that allow wine.

  14. do they search your body also.

  15. Just follow the rules!!! It's not that hard, if you can't afford the ship prices for alcohol, stop wasting your money on skeeball, and buy a Margarita!

  16. Good vid, nothing corny or too cute, and this is what I learned….in order to reduce the cost of a liquor buzz, leave your crippled granny out of it. Lol, jk….,hope granny is good, say hi for me.

  17. I had my plastic flask in the lining, & they found it anyway. I went on this Cruise in January of 2018, not sure if they changed the rules, or if it was because I had my suitcase.locked. They did not deliver my suitcase at all, only a letter was under the door, informing me that they had detected illegal item and I needed to come down and unlock the suitcase… Embarrassing having to go to the "naughty room". after they found it in front of me, they informed me they were going to confiscate and "destroy' it.
    Sure they did. F*ck Carnival they're cheap bastards. Ridiculously overpriced drinks. But I got to the first port-of-call, refilled my water bottle with vodka, got right back on the ship. F them.

  18. What about my X, pot, shrooms and salt shaker of coke? bwahahaha! So long as you're not bothering anyone and tipping, being polite you should be left alone.

  19. Go to REI Stores and buy thick plastic water bags with hose.

  20. I think it was only taken because the bag was misplaced. They probably searched it for that reason.

  21. The number one reason I will never take a cruise: the booze gestapo. Who the fuck are they to tell me what I can bring on…weapons excepted of course? And why? Just so they can up their already insane booze margin to stratospheric proportions.

    No thanks. Captain Stubbing can SUCK IT! And Julie and Isaac too!

    By the way, may I suggest water bottles. Just get a rig that lets you reseal them. Save the ring and re-weld it. Oh, and at least they were good enough to return it to you at the end. That's a plus I was not expecting.

  22. Just charge me an extra $100 to bring my own booze on. It's going to be gone by the 3rd day anyways

  23. cruise ships would hate me, i dont drink alcohol and because of cutting out sugar, i only drink water. lol very boring but i am used to it now.

  24. Pretty stupid considering that it is against Carnival's policy and you know it isn't allowed. Maybe try and focus more on being a good role model for your kids and teach them to follow the rules…rules are made for a reason.

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