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  1. How to apply cruse chef job plz tell me chef

  2. Bruh u look like the conductor from Thomas the tank engine

  3. I am a chef myself, I've been that ship. I have to say, the food is bad.

  4. What is mouthwatering chief

  5. 00919972785871
    Plzzz whatpaa me

  6. How does the hat not fall off?

  7. i feel he is crazy …

  8. His attitude is good and his standards are high. Anyone will learn so much from this chap.

  9. A hungry cook is a good cook.

  10. When youre ingredients suck, and aint fresh, you can act like a chef all you want, but you aint.

  11. very nice amazing chef

  12. Feckin scouser..

  13. Just a chef … Not ships captain

  14. seems like a fucking idiot tbh

  15. This job is demanding, but he probably makes around $6,000 a month, as an executive chef of a high end cruise, and he has passion for what he does, so that's a bonus. Not a bad gig if you love cooking and being a boss.

  16. True professional , calls his own shots, confident, skilled, an asset to any kitchen

  17. Lovely person if you want to learn something should be following Chan of command……… like to work with you.

  18. why the funny hats?

  19. Interesting he is snow white and so are his officers, all the lower ranked people are black and Indian. He treats them liks slaves. White patriarchy

  20. How can there be no blueberry in a blueberry muffin? I would be steaming over that.

  21. chef is crapped!

  22. Solid fucking leader.

  23. At the end "I'm the best" really!

  24. Any guess what his salary is?

  25. Nice to see a real professional and not some goofball in a t-shirt on Food Detwork

  26. Looks like a clown

  27. I wonder how they get the cocaine delivered at each port.

  28. A great sign of an arrogant and mediocre chef is when they wear those silly hats

  29. Vague resemblance to Sgt Hartman, expecting him to start screaming at the recruits !

  30. Expoitation onboard cruise ship is being exposed!

  31. Haven't seen him do anything yet cook for fucks sake

  32. Overworked and underplayed, what a job

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