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  1. It's like this Ship is ready for war lol…

  2. the band Queen with their old lead singer Freddie Mercury owned and written We will rock you and we are the champions and other of their old songs till the lead singer Freddie died from AIDS a existent cancer.

  3. this is one of the reasons why aliens would visit us

  4. Ok, now you don't just hear the music.
    You feel it

  5. Hey people I've just started a new YouTube channel where I post stuff on cruise ships. I know the videos are not too good but I'm working on it so could you check it out thanks

  6. So cool and savage

  7. very quaint, old ships like this are now making way for a new generation of super ships with polyphonic air horns , still a great retro vessel 🙂

  8. wow!!! Splendida is SOOOO amazing!!!!

  9. need to play misty mountains from lord of the rings

  10. For some reason this reminds me of the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

  11. Cruise is like I'm going to sing lalalalalalalal

  12. Dangit my cruise ships out of tune.

  13. You forgot we are the champions

  14. that's the sound those alien vessels made in "War of the Worlds" just before they sent your clothes off to the dry cleaners.

  15. Sounds like the theme for The Shining.

  16. hmm.. me thinking what will the Hamburg Port-Authority think of this…

  17. Whats the water sprayer

  18. Sounds like john cena intro song

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