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  1. ‘Look at me son’
    bats captain with expensive handbag
    ‘I’m the captain now, and you’re getting some food’

  2. That sounds worse then Titanic

  3. Anybody notice the guy welding with no shield up for others safety

  4. shoulda thrown the sanders welders and circular saws off the boat

  5. first world problems

  6. Yay I saw it passing in Panama Canal I live in Panama

  7. It’s like cleaning a toilet while someone is on it

  8. Time to throw the construction crew overboard

  9. 1:00 it's bologna

  10. The passangers should be prepaired to step over the holes that will rust through the decks if maintenance does not get performed.

  11. They should just keep the whole ship closed during renovations

  12. Everyone should get a refund the next time you wanna do work on a cruise ship do it in dry dock this is uncalled for its considered Night mare from Hell or Cruise from Hell.

  13. I’m your captain!! I’m your boss on this boat!! You listen to me and be silent!! Only my crew can be loud!!!

  14. These guys act like they went through the holucaust

  15. I was docked next to that ship. Weird timing to find this video

  16. No one knows what revolting is lmao more like complaining

  17. What a rip off! Norwegian return their money!! Oh ..wait a free cuise..good

  18. It cost some serious spondoola to go on a cruise ship.
    I would have thrown the captain overboard and started a mutiny.

  19. Lol, this is the definition of first world problems.

  20. I wouldn't ever go on there cruise ships. Thats terrible time management. F

  21. These people probably paid a discount price and expected luxury

  22. Who needs all that costruction equipment when we got Flex Tape, that can instantly bond, patch, seal, and repair

  23. I know what it feels to be in construction, there doing it in my backyard and sometime the house shakes, so I call them mini earth quakes, my alarm clock is now construction and it sucks

  24. You save up, maybe for years for the average person, to go on this great relaxing cruise away from everything, just for this, no, not right, I would MAKE sure to get My refund weather it was the last thing I do, and I HOPE they get their money back, offering them a free trip is an INSULT.

  25. Get a load of these barnacles

  26. Calls for a class action lawsuit

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