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  1. you are cuhrazee! I like it.

  2. This video might have been done all ‘in jest’ but I agree with every word. We are being silently groomed to handing it all over …in the bigger picture. Thanks Tony.

  3. Very creative video Tony. Many thumbs down to tipping the machine!

  4. I agree….LOL!!! I saw I-Robot. Unless Will Smith on the ship with me….no robot bartender….LOL

  5. LOL. Resist the power of the robot

  6. Hey Jenny! Where's my daily count down vlogs?

  7. Your a funny man Tony ….

  8. Relax Tony….the machines are already here…just look at your new car…likely has more computer power than the Apple 1….the gratuity deal with the robot is to support the rest of the crew….Liquor is a big money maker…and think the darn robot does not have to be fed
    The Military will soon be waves of mini drones launched from a one man jet by the 1000's then each drone has facial recondition and a mini charge in the body of the drone…..Now that drone can seek out the enemy say with heat seeker sensors ….land on your head….boom no more more head…and they do not have to feed the drone…lol…Face it there coming just interact with them as you cannot stop progress…amazon has drones to deliver…soon the pizza will arrive via drone….in another 20 years you will not have to buy a car just a pod to fix to the flying platform to whisk you where ever you need to get like an airborne Uber all via 5 G internet….so the robot bartender only makes since to me…resist and do not tip it…but …THEY KNOW where you sleep….lol relax…it ain't 1995 any more…..even the cruise ship is driven via asipods computer controlled and guided via GPS…. yup welcome to the new century….

  9. I peeped the Roatan on the wall lol. Oh no you didn't…15% gratuity to get my own drink???? Nope nope nope!

  10. #resistance Maybe its a service charge for the robot or the person refilling the machine? but if it is they need to change the name of and not call it a gratuity.

  11. Good point! Why is there a gratuity added to pour your own?!!!

  12. I honestly don't even like the buffet cause I want zero work!!!! The tip thing I outrageous I hope this isn't going to be the norm.

  13. how about robot companions for singles on a cruise? might be out of power by morning huh…

  14. I totally agree!

  15. Just a fyi WALL·E is a real thing just look around lol it will happen

  16. Omgosh haga I so needed that! Haha

  17. My foil hat is tingling!!

  18. Danger Will Robinson

  19. Robot bartenders don't judge, don't try to chat you up, don't sneeze into your drink, – they deserve the tip, they don't get paid at all!!!

  20. You still don't get it, do you? He'll take 15%! That's what he does! That's all he does! He'll wade through your spouse, reach into your wallet and pull your goshdarn card out!

  21. What is the robot going to do with a 15% gratuity? Lol. Which Carnival ships are they on?

  22. Oh boy. You've given me a lot to think about.

  23. You need a cruise soon…. to see there is not robot’s asking for tips. Now I figured out that Jenny must have named your channel with the last word after you. LOL Tony only kidding.

  24. This is why I am #TeamTony

  25. I never thought about gratuity going to the mechanical bartenders. However, who keeps the bar stocked for them? EH?? Humans! That's who! And they should get that 15% gratuity! Not the BOTS!!! Thanks for the laugh Tony! Loved it! I'll be back 🙂

  26. Oh… you don't want to know about the "autopilot" steering systems and helm control…

  27. I think Tony is starting to lose it. Maybe he needs a cruise vacation? With no robots I hope.

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