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  1. The real problem is that the apartments with a view on Thames river, near the future cruise ship terminal will be depreciated. The privileged inhabitants will loose their nice view, maybe a part of their privacy and the area unavoidably will be more noisy by the tourists and the supply of ships.
    Apartments with an unobstructed view to Thames river near London are undoubtedly very very expensive and very hard to be found for sale. Their owners fear about their investment.
    Passenger and cruise ships when they are roped on harbors, don't use their main engines. They don't do that for environmental reasons. They do that for economical and practical reasons. Cruise ships are powered always by diesel electric generators even when their main engines are working. The diesel electric generators burn much less fuel than the main engines, are less noisy with less vibration. Cruise ships have much more electric generators than they need for safety and reliability reasons. Of course any kind of pollution is not welcomed.
    I doubt if huge cruise ships have the infrastructure to be electrically powered from the land like yachts or airplanes. Also the cruise terminal port must have the infrastructure to provide Megawatts of electric power. That can't be achieved with a simple electric cable. Huge cruise ships are like small towns. They have many thousands of people inside. (Queen Marry 2 has 2,695 passengers and 1,253 officers and crew)
    But this won't be hard to be to be achieved and may be cheaper for the cruise ships.
    Of course when it is time for a cruise ships to leave, they must start their main engines and that will create considerable pollution and noise. That can be avoided with the use of small less noisy and polluting tugboats. Tugboat will slowly tug the cruise ships away from apartments and the direct pollution will be lower.
    The ideal situation would be the total ban of ships in Thames (except solar power ships and Sailing ships).
    As long as Thames is a commercial river, there will be environmental and social impact.

  2. wow it will be great to see the big ships in london , i must remember to piss
    down the side of her house , and throw my big mac wrap in her hedge 🙂 .

  3. Ok English people are getting stupid London allready has bad air and every year you get thousands of Cargo ships but only a few cruise ships abd ships when entering port use BIO fuel and they will build only one building by the river where only once a month a cruise ship will enter!

  4. London has been taken over by these odd characters with grand self entitlement issues.

  5. These people are being completely silly. Of course she can open her windows cruise ships don't let off that much fumes trust me I work on them and cruise ships are known to be more ecofreidly for a 10000nm voyage than a plane is on a 1hr flight to Scotland

  6. Lol cruise ships aren't going to affect your local air quality much at all – we have our biggest cruise ship dock right in the CBD in Sydney at Circular Quay, and it's… well… fine. Still beautiful as always!

  7. WTF the woman is worried she's not gonna be able to live her life normally because her view of the river is gonna be ruined by the cruise ship terminal!?!? lol wut

  8. London has enough tourists

  9. I wonder actually up to which size ships can dock there? Would be nice to know before taking sides.

  10. What a load off crap invest money into something worth investing!

  11. People by the Thames are more worried about the value of their house, not the environment…

  12. First river road crossings which has protests and now this. Ok

  13. Air quality in London is terrible from the diesel cars that activists such as these campaigned for and pushed for regulation many years ago. Also considering most electricity in the uk is still powered by coal (again because activists have created a 25 year delay on nuclear plants through legislation) you’re just offsetting the “toxicity” and pollution to someone in a less affluent neighbourhood. You can’t get much more bourgeois than that.

  14. this woman knows nothing about ships does she? "they'll plug the ship into a big socket". Right, so how will they get this big socket to power a gigantic cruise? the amount of power needed is immense and would reacquire huge generators which would just emit the same amount of fumes but more harmful.

  15. They don’t care about the environment costs they just don’t want to wake up to a giant boat out of their window

  16. Wow this sounds great…where will the destinations be? I bloody love cruising

  17. "they will have this long cable running along the river, which will be plugged in a big socket"
    im with you on the pollution, but u lost me there,lol.

  18. The Chinese and Arabs cannot be allowed to buy the city.

  19. ‘Im not sure im going to be able to go on living here’ she says in her house in the centre of london with a view over the thames

    Ill hapilly take it off her hands

  20. Khan claims he's helping pollution in london. This is a lie. He has failed us, greenwich council Under Labour and pennycook AS ALWAYS have failed us. Use your vote. Get Labour out. They are more interested in money than our concerns.

  21. Dirty Government  =  dirty environment. Cyril Smith said Asbestos was good

  22. what a load of NIMBY'S, the thames has been there far longer than all of us!!

  23. The london middle and super rich class are getting some payback for all the poor they have kicked out of london, London has fallen to this class of people,,They are absolutely disgusting.

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