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  1. "This neighborhood used to be so nice. Now we have these cruise ships almost crashing into our deck."

  2. What a pair of drama queens, bet they went on facebook to claim their best wishes and hope for everyones safety, statement off random do gooders.

  3. Sail area, wind and momentum. The Azaipods took time and the captain did not put it into full force into the home

  4. The news reporter has no idea what she was talking about. they didnt put it in reverse. you see the wake on one side and not the other in the front. just manuvering. you think they would do a little research before they air a report

  5. best view ever lmao

  6. They should have been more worried about their lives… A house can get rebuilt but some people don't like to take insurance out on their homes…

  7. Not a story.

  8. Rich white people problems

  9. thrusters in reverse? wtf lady????

  10. Bla bla bla! Why the old woman scream?

  11. i wish i could see a ship in my backyard

  12. Screw their little incident. Their just pissed it blocked their ocean view and was noisy. Or more that their just pissed their roof is covered with seagull sh*t. Annoying people with $$$$.

  13. Fort Lauderdale is full of assholes

  14. I guess they'd have to…dock the captain's pay


  15. Sure glad that wasn't my house, cuz if it were and it crashed, boy all my dvds would be destroyed and that would get on my nerves.

  16. Okay so if 90000 tons is headin my way, im gonna stand there and yell at it cause my wife says so. Asshole.

  17. blames it all on the wind. Looks at the ocean, no fucking movement of wind there

  18. Nope, not a close call and the homeowner does not own the water.

  19. 100 feet is as good as a mile

  20. Let's talk about how nice his house probably is.

  21. Dumbass owner a cruise ship is heading towards your house and you stand in front of it screaming? Get the hell out the way that’s why you have home owner insurance…..

  22. Stupid people ended up on the news for this bull shit!

  23. wife prob wooped out the chancla behind cameras making the ship think twice

  24. It’s not a first world problem when a ship might hit your house, possibly the ship could flood in with water if the ship didn’t stop or turn around in time.

  25. Dumb Russian woman "no u get out now" wtf

  26. To bad the ship didn't hit the deck he was standing on. You can tell he is a douchebag

  27. These idiots buy a waterfront house on a shipping channel. Then they whine when a ship gets close. Money doesn't sexual brains.

  28. It looks scary though

  29. Man wasn't nothing towering over your hoouese

  30. I wonder if a bunch of asian tourists on the ship started snapping pictures..

  31. I would have told her to shut the fu@& up on the loud speaker

  32. Ok, I know how awful it would be if their house, or your house, or my house got crashed into by a cruise ship, but I think trying to yell at it and stand in the backyard is not really making a difference.

  33. If he dont like it. Maybe his rich bitch ass should move. Why do people now days cry over everything

  34. Omg you dont own the water so stfu if i wanted to come park my big ass boat infornt of your house you wont say shit

  35. U can tell by their voices that they want compensation . Lol boat had plenty room

  36. I would let it crush my house, sue them and make off with a nice large cash settlement

  37. She has money but lady you dont own the harbor

  38. You get out of the way and enjoy your new home…being rich has its challenges.

  39. Yasmine needs a Xanax. God woman!

  40. The woman clearly didn’t understand a ship that size could stop on a dime

  41. Saving operational cost is tge main reason. They can utilize 4 to 6 tugs to avoid this near misses but commercial pressure this days surpass the safety aspect…reality sucks!

  42. What you doing terry, put it in reverse

  43. Im sick of seeing boats near my house!!!………….in the river.

  44. more fake news no story here. The ship was not out of control

  45. Poor man rich People omg shut up

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