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  1. That is one INCREDIBLE, breath-taking video!!! One of the absolute BEST that I have seen of any cruise ship in existence! You handled your drone with expertise, giving the viewer some amazingly unforgettable perspectives of the 'Allure of the Seas!' Honestly…you should earn a reward for this beautiful footage! Thanks so much for sharing the journey!

  2. I'm sorry, but your yaw movements make me nervous.

  3. Very well done!

  4. It was kind of windy I couldn’t hear what you said about the antenna. what was it and where did you order it?

  5. Majestuoso, increíble me quito el sombrero ante este piloto!

  6. Why didnt you use GPS mode during the flight?

  7. Whats the max range

  8. Wow this range is crazy

  9. Youre back!!!!

  10. if you can make a cinematic look of the ship,, maybe someone would love to buy the clip from you..

  11. Nice….! Thanks a lot bro!


  13. Great capture and way to push the drone to the limit. I’m glad the pilot knows enough to try to keep a good transmission signal when rounding the ship. Kudos for the capture really well done. However I have to point out 2:08 pilot states he is flying sideways with the phantom 3. 7:29 he then contradicts he says phantom 4 haha.

  14. very nice video dude

  15. Not sure if this video makes me want a drone or take a cruise on the allure of the seas or maybe take a cruise with a drone with me! Awesome video. Great job on the cinematic views very awesome to watch.

  16. What happens if you lose signal? Does the drone return on its own?

  17. Good very very good .mui buena amigo

  18. when you said there’s another bigger one coming in November, you were wrong because there that’s the biggest cruise ship and the the rest in the class are the same

  19. I have to change my mavic pro to phantom 4

  20. wow.. when it disconnection haha

  21. were seagulls catchs your drone

  22. its doing a great job is isint it

  23. 50mph? Maybe 50kph. Lol

  24. I have the same one and I agree the battery usage goes by super fast

  25. What a video of a stunning cruise ship!…absolutely Stunning ! good work Lets have some more!, I watched this on a widescreen PC screen , I said hey Mel (my wife) ..look at this vid …she came to look and said FUCK SAKE ,what a Picture , look at the size of that Mother Fucker,

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