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  1. Huh h n he nhh

  2. All I see is human greed.

  3. They needed a forklift for that? Wut


  5. blah blah blah

  6. I did Think that it would be complicated

  7. I've been there

  8. we just got off the allure 2 days ago!!!!

  9. Does anyone actually think this ISN'T complicated…..?

  10. 2min 55 seconds of life wasted

  11. Bruh idk what the fuck you talkin about “more complicated than you think” it takes me 10 mins to parallel park my moms Honda Civic let alone a monster ship

  12. Yeah I didn't exactly think it was an easy process

  13. It’s an ocean liner,not a cruise ship.

  14. I'm not impressed at all by this video and the quality of preparations that seem to be the standard there. Pathetic.

  15. I just don't understand the point of cruises. Why can't you just fly to your destination and stay in a fancy hotel? Hell, just stay in a hotel at home. You don't even get to see your destination with cruises.

  16. Why did you need a fork lift to do that

  17. Only the French would need forklifts for 200 pound aluminum ramps. If I were the harbormaster I would have made the vessel turn around as instructed, before and disembarking of passengers or cargo.

  18. Martinique not prepared.ship docked and lowered the gangway without forklifts.

  19. This is totally bogus. All the cruise ships handle their own gangway/ramp. Usually just 2 guys. As for the pilot, it is a requirement of the port not a "necessity" for the captain. Ports insist on a pilot and charge a lot of money for one.

  20. I just went on my first cruise on the liberty of the seas. It’s a beautiful ship

  21. Nice planned Docking LOL

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  23. Seems more frustrating than anything

  24. The captain seems really friendly.

    No, I’m kidding.

  25. Then don’t dock just lower the lifeboats like norwegian

  26. I remember when this channel produced good content now it’s these little clips long and then “it’s brighter here” like cmon be the way you guys were smitonions

  27. The title is for retarded people. They act like its as easy as driving a car. Dumbass. Plus the harbor pilot is retarded.

  28. That was exactly as complicated as I thought it would be.

  29. Looks like after this we're gonna need a bigger boat

  30. I would not think it would be easy

  31. That Captain is an arrogant pain in the neck. He and the Harbor Pilot obviously don't like each other.

  32. There is also another form of docking… the sexual kind. This is extremely pleasurable and bonding but must be done with proper hygiene to prevent a bacteria transfer. Use Man1 Man Oil for this…. it is a antibacterial penis health creme that will keep things in excellent condition down there… this will lead to a better experience for sure.

  33. I think much more complicated when ask your girlfriend park the car.

  34. Shout out my boy lil yachty

  35. The harbormaster dilly dallied on the forklift because the Captain refused to dock HIS way, ego battles.

  36. The harbormaster didn't have anything prepared

  37. If docking a ship is difficult for you then you are in the wrong profession.

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