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  1. I live here. We hate you tourists but love taking your money. Keep it coming please!

  2. Another nice thing about the Adriatic approach is that Corfu and the Ionian islands have lots of trees and offer a contrast to the more bare and stony islands of the Aegean.

  3. I truly appreciate your professionalism in presenting quality information in the creating of these videos. Thank you so much.

  4. Gary, your videos are so helpful. Greece and the Greek Isles are on the top of my wishlist, and I think that when the time comes, my first cruise will be to this area of the world. I really enjoy all of your videos as I am a traveler who also appreciates art, history, culture, and local cuisines. And of course, your voice and presentation style are delightful! Thank you!

  5. in our first cruise on costa atlantica we have visited Rhodes, Napoli, Messina, Limoassol, Santorini, Katakolon, and Marmaris. i agree these places are must to visit and really enjoyed them as we believe that these places are enough to visit for one day via cruises

  6. Absolutely fantastic and fabulous travel vlog. I really enjoy watching. big thumbs up!

  7. Could you tell me the name of the caves you talked about on the island of Gythion please? Thanks

  8. what about ithica?

  9. Nice video once again. Wife an I did that in either 1999 or 2000 on the Marco Polo. From Athens to
    Istanbul. Did some islands in about 12 days or so. Our favorite cruise. Love your reviews.

  10. I think this ride 6:30 would freak me out.

  11. Thanks, Gary. I am forwarding this to friends who are planning to visit Greece. Oh, and congratulations on making the final three!

  12. I just wondered if on your cruises you ever ran into Jane MacDonald ?

  13. Another excellent video! Gary puts out the best, most useful videos. No comparison. And no background music is a huge plus too. Thank you!

  14. Another great video! Greek islands are definitly on my bucket list!!

  15. Crete!!!!!

  16. Great Video Gary, thank you!

  17. Planning on doing the Azamara Intensive Adriatic Seas trip next year….LOVED Croatia. Like the idea of staying in a smaller area and really explore….

  18. I live in Turkey. What problems are there in Turkey that aren’t in Europe or US? Also Turkey gets overall way more tourists than Greece. Who cares if Islamophobic US cruise lines come to Turkey or not. They should be careful not to get shot in their wild west.

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