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  1. Eh I’m still gonna go on carnival cruises

  2. Lawyer up ! Can you say slander ?

  3. In the last 20 years I have been on 15 CARNIVAL cruses without any problems. The most trouble we have encountered was the weather and that's why I tell people not to cruise the carribean durning hurricane season.

  4. Had to do a double take the first time they showed the narrator….dude, don't do heroine! Eat something and get out into the sunshine already. You look both 14 and 84. How is that even possible? And pick a hairstyle that cannot be mistaken for lego hair. Better yet, scratch all that, just don't get in front of a camera. Damn.

  5. … My Carnival Cruise from Hell & A Half was on the "Fantasy". The ship resembled a mutant hybrid of a pinball machine and a frat party, and every time I turned around, someone was trying to sell me something. Stage entertainment was provided by all the kids who didn't make the cast for their high school musical, and whenever I asked a crew member a question, they faked not being able to speak English. And any of the fancier foods advertised for dinner had already run out by the time I was seated.

  6. He is wearing Idubzzz merch

  7. Carnival Inspiration aint one of them.

  8. I love his hair -_-

  9. This isn’t true tbh I went on carnival breeze abt 3 weeks so and it was awesome

  10. Buoyancy is what makes a ship float

  11. You're annoying. Stop living in your mom's basement.

  12. Cut your fucking hair bitch

  13. Carnival is the ghetto of cruise lines.

  14. We had a death on carnival spirit and they kept them onboard the whole cruise wth the family in there room waiting to go home for 10 days, on the same cruise we had a lady bitten by a snake and kept onboard for a few days before carnival finally called for help and she was airlifted back to Australia, she needed proper medical help the day she was bitten by a sea snake not the 4 or 5 days it took them to bother, my heart broke for the family dealing with the death, we could have had them air lifted out or taken back and then continued on, no one would have minded but carnival had the issue 🙁 ill stick with p&o or princess cruises because carnival are assholes

  15. I Dddn’t want to see your face 🙁

  16. I’m glad I saw this video….. so I can dislike it

  17. I’m glad I saw this video….. so I can dislike it

  18. awesome cruise and travel channel – JaxMax TV

  19. Sucks Carnival bought Cunard, which Cunard it's self is quite interesting since it owned the passenger liner lost in WW1 RMS Lusitania, plus Cunard also merged with the company that built the RMS Titanic, White Star Line. Anyways what im trying to say is, Carnival ruined a bunch of historic shipping companies.

  20. That massive ship floats because of simple physics called BUOYANCY

  21. And i want on it on 8/16/18

  22. I love the carnival boat no matter what

  23. This kid who’s narrating looks like a sjw, leftist, soyboy.

  24. Idk But Carnival Have My Engines Cuase I Gave Them Some Becuase The Other Genaraders Wer Broken

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