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  1. I've been told I can't take my straighteners. So can anyone advice what am I supposed to do if I want to curl my hair xx

  2. Can you post a link to the orange waterproof bag you got on Amazon?

  3. Best video ever. You are clear, going to the point and full of very smart advices. Thank you so much

  4. Nice video. A word of caution, only bring prescription medications in their original labeled pharmacy bottles. It is illegal to put prescription medicines in another container without the pharmacy prescription label. It also is a good idea to bring a photocopy of your prescriptions with you. Additionally, if traveling to a foreign port, research the drug laws for that country. Some legal prescription medicines in the US are illegal in some other countries and could get you arrested.

  5. Where is your room tour video? Clicking the thing didn’t work.

  6. Thatys the same cruise im going on xD

  7. omg good idea to decorate a paper and put it on the door, im so bad at deco so good luck to me

  8. how much tips do you give? i live in Singapore so i don't grow up with the tip system because the extra money is in GST.

  9. If you are flying to get to the port, you have to put your liquids in a quart size bag to get through security- toothpaste is considered a liquid. You can leave your razor, toothbrush in your suitcase.

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  11. Couldn’t finish the video because the music was too loud and distracting

  12. Hi. What brand is the white waterproof holder?

  13. I love the video. Some really helpful info. Also I saw on another video that if you put your necklaces through a straw it keeps them from tangling.

  14. Your make-up is perfect. Thanks for this video. I've never been but I'm going soon.

  15. Nice & creative ideas! Thanks for posting.

  16. Prepaying gratuities is SO much better. That way you have no surprises when it's taken off of your Sail and Sign card. I prepay when I book.

  17. Zzzzz….. monotone=sleepy zone :p

  18. Be sure to take pooperrie or Lysol for number 2's!

  19. It was hard to pay attention to you with the music.

  20. From my experience after 15 cruises, Carnival is not a good choice. Try Holland America, Radisson, Celebrity…..

  21. Is it easy to sneak drugs on?

  22. How many carry ons are allowed on the ship

  23. Very helpful, informative vid! Thanks!

  24. Going on carnival vista on Jan 21 2018

  25. loved the video thanks

  26. Thank you for the tips wonderful video

  27. Great tips!

    Don’t count on Purell, wash hands with soap often, especially if you touch surfaces in common areas (food tongues, coffee/lemonade/tea, tables, etc.

    There are some nasty people on cruise ships.

  28. Adding Power outlet and extension cord. They only have one outlet on the wall and it was by the Vanity so, having the extension cord and extra outlets came in handy for charging phones, using curling iron, etc.

  29. 邮轮包装的提示,你可能没有想过!
    1.额外现金/ $ 1小费和出租车
    – 白葡萄酒保鲜剂
    – 啤酒盐
    – 如果你不知道它是什么,请在YouTube上检查它,它的工作原理!!大声笑)
    – 小型便携式蓝牙音箱
    – 放在手提箱里的干燥床单(让你的衣服闻起来清新)
    – 鞋帽 – 你可以把你的鞋放在里面,所以他们不要碰你的衣服
    – 平板熨斗和卷发棒热盖

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  31. Hey everyone, the greatest success that ive ever had was by using the Carls Cruise Cutter (just google it) – definately the most helpful resource that I have ever seen.

  32. Awwwww! That background music!

  33. Don't use popups in the video you know its hard to close them down the X is so small. I agree with the loud music you cannot hear much of what your saying. Still liked the video just tighten up the other stuff and your set. The tips are not included in the price its added and you must go to customer service if you want to remove the tip charge which is quite large. We like to tip personally. Carnival doors are metal.

  34. Hi!! Where did you get the small lysol & downy spray from? We are leaving saturday!!!

  35. Thx for great and detailed video. Wrinkles mostly come when clothes rub against each other. Pack those dress clothes in separate plastic bags (the ones you can remove air from) or layer your clothes with plastic from cleaners to help avoid wrinkles. Happy travels!

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