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  1. Pearl ,loved it.

  2. R.I.P. squid ward

  3. Halong Bay two days cruises are amazing, they all really look after you and you are in the most amazing looking place in Thailand. Enjoy

  4. Thank you. You both are the cutest couple! What an amazing bedroom and view!!! Although it does seem overcast. Have you gone back when the weather is clear?

  5. Your vedio sound is out of sink

  6. fabulous video the ship looks amazing im so so so jealous

  7. Make more cruise videos

  8. I think we did the same itinerary with Swan Cruises for a 1 day tour! The 89 US Dollars that we paid was so worth it. Will definitely visit Halong Bay again in the future and stay there for one night.

  9. What a fantastic ship!

  10. Soooo – Halong Bay is in Vietnam?

  11. Vietnam still have a lot of famous visit place such as Da Nang, Ha Noi, Nha Trang, you guys should try it!
    Thank you guys for visiting and enjoying your trip in Vietnam!!!

  12. Can’t fathom why anyone would dislike this video. It is perfect!

  13. I went on this cruise & loved the whole trip. The food and ship are fantastic and the staff were very kind and helpful. Great tour!!

  14. going there in 8 weeks,,, this was awesome

  15. This ship is beautiful and the food looks amazing. This is one of the best affordable videos that I’ve seen, new subscriber.

  16. Your videos are addicting. It's like I'm their. All so real.

  17. That was one awesome cruise guys.

  18. Really Great Video guys! Had a lot of questions regarding these cruises and your video answers all of them in great details. Thanks.

  19. Mình người Việt nam

  20. I stay at a $10 hotel while my brother family stay at $200. I rather spend my money doing other things

  21. Tks you guys so much for introduced the view of Halong Bay in Vietnam and bring them to the worlds for everyone can see it , hope you guys have funny moments in my country
    I'm a tour guide by the way

  22. Việt nam vo địch

  23. toi song o vietnam, i live in vietnam

  24. where is this place..

  25. This looks so amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  26. Beautiful and the squid was super cool

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