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  1. Where is the country

  2. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Omg … Like at Paradise 🙂

  4. Cuanto cuesta harmony crucero royal

  5. I want to be on that so much it looks soooo cool

  6. охуеть и не встать

  7. This sweet baby is from my town our biggest yet!!!

  8. I Love This Ship

  9. Donde embarcó el Symponey en Barcelona

  10. Donde se embarca el shymponey mañana domingo

  11. oasis 1, harmony 2, allure 3

  12. apik e rek, pengen mangan pizza ne..

  13. Nice…might be a bit too over the top….they need a chill ship…all about the chill…that ship looks exhaustive and I’ve cruised almost a dozen times.

  14. Great Video- please see my channel

  15. This is my dream..

  16. Algum BR aí que sabe que nunca vai pra lá?

  17. I’m going in 2 weeks, can’t wait!

  18. Floating poo barge …

  19. Just went on this ship a couple of weeks back, and it was amazing! Just wanted to point out some of your errors (not to be a negative person, but it'll help for the people who will be going on this in the future)

    Studio B Ice Skating Rink is on Deck 4, not 3.
    Rock climbing wall is on Deck 6 (you forgot to put rock)
    And why didn't you show the Ocean View, Balcony and Royal Suite staterooms?

  20. I’m on it right now

  21. Going there next year! Hyped!!!

  22. Im going in January 2019 I cant wait

  23. J'arrive tout juste de ce bateau et j'ai passé une magnifique semaine. Le service était impeccable, la décoration était originale, la nourriture excellente.  Nous avons visité Labadee (Haïti)  San Juan (Puerto-Rico) et Saint-Thomas (Îles Vierges)  Je recommande ce bateau sans hésitation.  Le seul petit bémol :  la discothèque commence beaucoup trop tard (12h45 am)

  24. I'd probably shoot myself within 24 hours

  25. que hermoso quiero subirme ,,,ya,,,,sensacional,,,,seria feliz

  26. Just imagine, when this masterpiece will be sink in the middle of the ocean then all luxurious things will be shuttered. That moment will be very very horrible and dangerous.

  27. What is THE cost to Travel with this ship

  28. I would love to work as a crew member onboard Harmony of the Seas ( Jesus Christ please hear me and help me with my desires than you, i know 100%it will be happening )

  29. Oh the memories I remember going to one of the bars everynight at 11.PM when I was on that cruise

  30. Check out those water slides. Awesome.

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