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  1. Who else is going this March?? SO EXCITINGGGG

  2. luckily this ship didn't sink while you are there 🙂

  3. It seems a bit overwhelming and huge. I'm already booked. I'm sure I'll love it.

  4. Ok i need a good rate

  5. was the boat overcrowded?Are their lines for all activities? Any tips

  6. can do anything you want to do in
    your whole life

  7. I find it interesting that almost every single crew member behind a counter would give a big wave to the camera as soon as they saw him walk by. I wonder if they are instructed to wave at guests as they approach? Very friendly staff, but funny how they're all so identical in behavior – it makes them seem like video game NPCs or something.

  8. going on here in 2 weeks

  9. It is awesome I have been on it

  10. This looks like the SYMPHONY of the seas!

  11. I’m getting sea sick watching this video

  12. Harmony of the seas is awesome especially if u have like ur cousins or friends with you, cause I went on this cruise with my cousins and we had so much fun. The food is awesome and there are very friendly workers. And a lot of fun activities, if u choose not to take this cruise than I prefer taking Royal Caribbean Cruises. Also Royal Caribbean Cruises have a secret Island or there own private beach! THIS CRUISE IS AWESOME!!! (The Cruise has a bunch of amazing shows and there is a kids place called Adventure Ocean where kids can stay and also a teen club for teens)

  13. I just paid in full my next cruise on the Harmony directly with RoyalCaribbean which sails in 80 days. is it to late to call you to try to get a better deal?

  14. Is the guy talking right in the head ? He has this pathetic laugh it's so annoying

  15. Holy bloated cow, this is literally a city at sea. Amazing!!!!

  16. I’m going on this ship next summer! This was so helpful!

  17. i really love this video

  18. I'm going on this ship on Saturday. Thank you for the information but nothing about the rooms

  19. i didnt know that i could be so sexually attracted to a ship

  20. Going on this ship in one week! I went on the Allure of the Seas two years ago and I probably would’ve mistaken these two ships if it weren’t for he water slides

  21. To big for my likeing

  22. Great video.

  23. I’ve been on this before and it’s AWESOME

  24. +CruiseOne – Cruises It
    i want book a cruise how can i call from Brazil ? its a 0800 number i cant call i tryed , do you have an email ?

  25. I would pay a million dollars to buy this ship!!!

  26. Does this ship leave from NYC too?

  27. Why your showing same views

  28. Nice Video- Please see my channel

  29. The PROBLEM with Royal Caribbean's Super-Ships: They don't pass out anti-depression aids…when they throw you off… at the end of the cruise!

  30. Looking forward to this ship in a few days. Thanks for all of the great info.

  31. Where's the gym???

  32. I have always wondered what's in a casino

  33. I'm going to this cruise in my birthday month

  34. going on this ship in july, WOW i cant wait !! 🙂 great video .

  35. I am going on this cruise and I am sooooo exited for it.

  36. How deep are the swimming pools?

  37. It was made in my town!!

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