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  1. I thought Symphony of the seas is the largest cruise ship.

  2. The oasis of the seas is not the biggest cruise ship

  3. 44:00 chick digging at that wedgie.

  4. Staff work very hard to keep that ship presentable.Big hand to the staff.

  5. I definitely just buy this this cruise ship later.

  6. What camera do you use? So pretty!!!

  7. It’s amazing how that thing can float

    Still can’t understand how ships that big can float lol

  8. apik e rek, hati seneng atek iso plesir numpak kapal pesiar mewah iku..

  9. i went to the oasis of the seas it amazing!!

  10. Is it real ship ???
    I dont had any idea i am a villager.
    Is it real?
    Please guys tell me.
    If is it real but i don't have any chance to see it real.
    Ha ha ha its best dream for me.
    I was try to buy a new phone from 2years but can't and i think see it real i am so funny….

  11. I don't know why I'm thinking of titanic????

  12. Is this the largest ship in the world, the U.S. or both? Also, did the man's voice taking about safety in the cabin ever mention a life boat? All I heard was him talking about life jackets?

  13. The harmony of the seas is actually a bit bigger than this

  14. The video is great but that same tune over and over was too much.

  15. Did they ever find Jason?

  16. Perfect place for a zombie outbreak!

  17. I can't wait to go on this cruise on June 17th! Going to be enjoying the World Cup 😉

  18. Was on Oasis it was great.

  19. I'm glad I went on this cruise.


  21. This is the cruise ship I went on

  22. What is shown at about 8 minutes?

  23. Thanks for the video..
    This is DEFINITELY never on my list…
    it looks any cheeeezy Vegas hotel had a kid with a bad airport terminal…
    Nothing appealing whatsoever
    I guess lots of folks like.
    Just not me – so I appreciate the video.

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