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  1. "Because the outsiders arrived, Inuit fended for themselves by using the animals," A local elder told VICE News.

  2. So what this community needs is Food Banks? Not the continuance of hunting/ killing/ murder ecosystems.

  3. Women! Stop having so many children.

  4. The polar ice caps are melting, why not make money from it?

  5. i know for many of the residents here that this is their homeland and would never consider moving away but their health is at great risk. if you live in a place where you cant grow or obtain plants (starches, fruits, nuts, veggies, legumes) then thats a huge problem. whole plant foods should make up the majority of your diet no matter your genetics. and not only is meat the staple in their diet, but fatty meat from the ocean? there are many toxins in the ocean. toxins climb up the food chain (bio-accumulation). i would love to see their bloodwork! (sorry im studying to become an RD so i think about these things) also, the innuit have really high rates of heart disease, and on average die much younger than other populations, despite popular belief that they are super healthy.

  6. Seems like global warming is an investment for "protected family lines

  7. This is really sick to watch. Poor Native people struggling, their voices filled with sorrow. Wealthy Caucasians laughing as they discuss their outrageous excess in a novel tone.

  8. 2m20s GOD how disgustingly self-entitled rich assholes are.

  9. The northwest passage will be the largest shipping lane in the world.

  10. $120k per person? is that legit ?

  11. This is terrible someone needs to stop them from killing the last of these species THEY Shouldn't be hunting and killing WHALES or sealions WTF seriously. Gtfoi get with the times grow up . Bet they dump there waste in the ocean too but claim the ships are bad unreal.

  12. They need to figure out tourism

  13. No they don't that's retarded every one sees whales and dolphins. In fact every time I've been I've seen them

  14. So 16 per year? Oh I get it because saying 4 times per year makes it seem like a larger number.

  15. Why didn't you ask the passengers about their opinion on the matter; talk about cowardly journalism

  16. So ur saying u n ur ppl eat the whales n that why yall r upset.excuse me but I feel the ships r saving sea life.

  17. is the host male or female? I can't tell

  18. Cruise shitps providing invaluable income to the Inuit in tourism.

  19. Injuns always bitching. Start clubbing them like baby seals.

  20. If those rich tourist came through my backyard I would have something for them to buy and make a killing!

  21. Tourism is a new opportunity too, just we’ve to wait how they’re cash-in this opportunity? Government should invest in this, to attract tourists.

  22. The native people should be able to charge the ships huge fees to sail by

  23. bring back cannabilism on newcomers…..yum.

  24. Go cruise ships! Stick it to those Inuit scum!

  25. What's a driving green (2:17 mark)?

  26. Why not move?

  27. Can we just open a supermarket for these people. Killing whales at this day and age is not cute, traditions and all.

  28. WTF? So people just get off the boat onto people's property and peek through windows? What the hell is there to do there anyway? It's so arrogant. Ignorant and arrogant.

  29. Its nice to be rich, you can go to places your lazy ass was never meant to be.

  30. I guess if we all lived in dirt huts, ate grass, and walked everywhere, the world would be grand

  31. they want the respect that traditional cultures deserve all the while they utilize modern technology.

    you can't have both.

    either you join the modern world or give it up. you can't cry that you aren't allowed to hunt whales with motorboats because it's your tradition. no it isn't. paddle boats are your tradition, either you paddle up to the whale with a spear and fail 99% of the time or stop whining about not being able to use a harpoon and motorboat to succeed 99% of the time.

  32. White people don't care about know one about themselves . I twenty years the natives will be gone ..

  33. Go ahead and take the tourist business off of these islands see what happens

  34. If I had money I would start some sort of effort to steadily supply fruits, vegetables and commodities for these fellow humans who should not have to suffer so much just because they live in one of the harshest places on earth let alone in the United States of America! Where are the churches to help these people??!!

  35. You should probably stop hunting those animals and moce somewhere where theres store you ingrate

  36. boohoo move south you weirdos

  37. Well, the ships could help by donating some cargo of fresh produce and dry goods to the villages they are disrupting. They have plenty of room, are stopping anyways and can defiantly afford to spare some food. No, these people are not starving but delivering food is super expensive, this could help big time.

  38. Maybe they can make a deal with the cruise lines. Food is expensive up there because it is expensive to ship it. If there are cruise lines passing by, perhaps they can get the cruise lines to bring extra food with them when they come. After all, the ship is sailing there anyway. The people could offset the reduction in seal meat with more exotic foods from elsewhere. That would be a win-win.

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