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  1. I eat way more vegetables at buffet. I also eat dessert first !

  2. A smoker giving health advice.

  3. If I was cruising all the time I’d be in great shape. Yesterday in our cruise ship I walked 4 miles just in the ship. Going from the front to the back and all points in between

  4. Why did you choose Royal Caribbean?

  5. I lost 7 pounds on my 7 day cruise, eating two good meals a day, and no late night visits to the buffet.

  6. Mario has a car? That caught me by surprise.

    I wonder what's Mario's top fast food treat when he goes on-land?

  7. Great questions for consideration. I am going to try the nonstop cruising from Baltimore. We only have two ship lines out of here: Royal and Carnival with only a few dates, but that could work to my advantage.

  8. I like discussion of physical activity..I took a long 16 day cruise to israel and malta..lots of running and working out really hard…I'm in my 30s..I ate very richly and drank quite a bit..but also did a lot of dancing..that kind of cruise had 4 sea days

  9. Great video seeing both my sistas! If only I could live like Super Mario!

  10. I think living on a cruise ship it would be easier than normal. Aside from the stairs, you don't feel the "urge" to eat all the food to get your money's worth. In addition, there's the fitness area you can go to, without having to pay a membership fee. I have bad knees and legs, so climbing stairs is difficult, but stepping down is easy, so I end up taking the elevator up and the stairs down.

  11. I do the same thing while on extended travel. Do all labwork one day and then go to all my medical check-ups on the same day twice each year. Usually May and November. Works for me.

  12. my last 20 day cruise I actually lost weight! I at everything and anything I wanted too…..the secret. I always took the stairs! since I am able to I always took the stairs. up and down and back and forth around the ship! worked for me!

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