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  1. Was hoping to see the undies drawer

  2. do you know if a river boat worker has done a video of their cabin ? I would love to see how tiny it is. I have seen video's of cabins on cruise ships but am wondering how the worker's are accommodated. …

  3. Looks like a college dorm room. Go with MSC or Royal Caribbean

  4. Your husband is a lucky guy.

  5. You're traveling presumably expand your horizons and acquaintance with the varieties of human experience, and these are the things that matter to you? What preposterous bullshit. If you want heated floors like home, stay home.

  6. Beautiful lady!!

  7. How was the closet? In one of the videos they showed a two door closet with one completely taken by the safe. Was yours any bigger?

  8. Thanks for the tour! I'm heading out on a Viking cruise next week & plan to film it too!

  9. Seems ya don't even leave home, with these accommodations, and seems such a fun time. It looks so relaxing, yet you immerse yourself in the country and its people. I love all the Viking River Cruise Videos! Seems those that have been are elated by their experiences, and that's a plus.

  10. Who would want to waste your precious vacation time watching TV.?

  11. what about the vibration of the ship's engine?
    in egypt there was a lot of vibration caused by the viking river ship which is smaller than a normal cruise ship so you are always close to the engine.

  12. How is the pressure on the shower head?

  13. useless. Didn't show a regular cabin. so I have no idea what the rooms are like.

  14. No tub? Ugh. Our tribe is comprised of bath people.

  15. hy, we are a group of 4 young guys willing for a cruise experience, but vikings seem more like a family or thing. Any other options? feedback would be great

  16. this was very useful. my husband and i are looking forward to our viking river cruise later this summer! 🙂

  17. Twice Viking river cruiser. No experience with any other river cruise line. Everything was top shelf. My opinion is we don't need the upper two levels. Don't need the room except to sleep and shower. Hence, we get the cheap seats. Lower level, room 104 both times. Spend the money on the shore excursions. Crew was superb both times.

  18. Really nice video looks great. Just wish you had shot a little looser. I see more of you than the room!

  19. It would be nice if you mentioned which version of the cabin you are reviewing. I am assuming this is mid-level?

  20. Viking River Cruises are a bunch of stooges…..Dont waste your $$$ with them……Bad Experience….

  21. All river cruises travelers out there, i would really appreciate if you could fill in this survey, it will be used for scholarly purposes only, and it takes only 5 minutes! Thank you for your help…, please share. Here is the link:

  22. Thanks for sharing. A must travel experience.

  23. Thank you so much for posting this. I am a former Flight Attendant and have been wondering what these river ships were like, like you and your mom, I also am a huge DA fan and it's how I discovered the adds for Viking via PBS here in the US. It is my goal to take one of these journeys some day.

    Thank you again !

  24. No audio.

    Why does this happen sometimes? Some vids just lose the sound, sometimes totally off, other times like it's turned down really low. Is it me, the vid, Youtube, black helicopters?

  25. this looks great, however you can have a bathtub in a stateroom. It's just a matter of how much you are willing to pay! Bon Voyage!!

  26. Some of the rooms on board are nicer than a lot of hotels. Plus, each day you wake up to a new view outside your window. Great way to travel!

  27. Looking very nice.

  28. I like that handle on the sink…
    very handy for drunk travelers  when they throw in the sink 🙂

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