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  1. Some of these suites need to be updated

  2. That computer voice is the same one that said I had a computer under attack from a virus. She really gets around! Also that I was being sued by the IRS and missed jury duty. See what I mean?

  3. Did she really say “bow” in now-tie? Hated the voice.. Not classy st all.

  4. tsunami also some time come

  5. silly music and too much text over the photos

  6. Agree with the other comments about the computer voice. It's really off putting and unnecessary.

  7. you have to be kidding, a computer voice…. no thanks.

  8. 101 comments. Person "YAY THIS IS GOING TO BE VERY INTERESTING!" robotic voice appears "This robot is such a maniac.. KILL THIS ROBOT NOW COMPITER ARMY!!!!!!!"

  9. Robot voice over what could have been a great video

  10. Computer voice – no thanks! Dislike, not watching ANY more vids by anyone who does that.

  11. Get a life!!!!

  12. The robot voice ruined it for me.

  13. How will all this look when you are on your way to the graveyard? You lived in lavish luxury with the filthy rich, but your grave is waiting for you.

  14. Regent Explorer, Voyager, and Mariner are much more luxurious ships for ALL passengers. The largest and most beautiful suite is on Regent Explorer. I'm having to crack my memory, but I think the suite is about 3,000 square feet of OMG luxury. Plus … ALL of Regent's cabins/suites have seaside balconies, Once you board a Regent cruise, there is no one or anything needing more money than what you paid when you booked your Regent cruise. Disembarking is so hard to do on a Regent ship! That's why my last cruise was 210 days. Within those 7 months was a World Cruise … Fort Lauderdale to Fort Lauderdale! The World Cruise disembarked from a Transatlantic, and later that evening we began another Transatlantic back to Europe.

  15. Listen if you want to hear 700 thousand times of 'Royal Loft Suite'

  16. Couldn't run this because of the hideous sound track. So distasteful !

  17. The Text Covers up the Pictures!

  18. For all the people complaining about the computer voice:
    It’s really not that bad you are all being very particular I don’t understand why you all hate it so much

  19. ditto I stopped watching because the brain dead Compspew voice threw me.

  20. as soon as i heard the computer voice i shit it off at 26 seconds …so annoying

  21. FFS, get rid of the computer voices! If you're going to the trouble of making this presentation, use a human voice. DISLIKE and off to find a human voiced video.

  22. Impossible to watch, two reasons, Computer voice, second, not a lot to see because of a Giant text filling the picture, and in the bottom the same text, WHY are you a complete idiot.

  23. The botvoice is horrible — mispronouncing words and generally mutilating the language. Aside from this I can vouch for Silver Sea — I never had a better "at sea' experience. The food: Fantastic. Service: Second to none. Employees: classy and uncoached! Suites — even the smallest — ultra luxurious and tended by a butler in tails. Lounges: impeccably neat and beyond luxurious! Desserts? : Out of this world! Liquors: the very best, included– no cost — I don't drink, however. The rain shower in the bathroom is fabulous! Having also cruised with Oceania and Royal Caribbean — no comparison! Silver Sea, hands down, the very best.

  24. Ate ano bayan pananalita mo naging news reporter kapa eh mukhang traying hard kalang naman sana mapalitan ka sa posisyon mo

  25. Nice Video! Excuse me for butting in, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you tried – Natipaan Cruiser framework (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? It is a smashing one off guide for reveals insider secrets of the cruise industry minus the headache. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my work buddy after many years got astronomical success with it.

  26. I've actually toured the Garden Villa on the Norwegian Dawn in case you were wondering it's lit

  27. The Norwegian suites are ugly!

  28. Cannot stand the robot voice. I turned down the volume, so I could view the video. This is a turn off, as well as losing customers in booking reservations.

  29. is thos a robot voice? words most boring voice iv ever herd. this must be a robot?

  30. Stopped watching because of the robot reader. If you're not up for narrating your own video then dont make one…

  31. ………the large block of text blocking view of rooms is counter-productive………not here to view texts or listen to a computer voice………so wanted to enjoy seeing design/ambiance of ship decor……..C'est la vie……..:(

  32. How stupid you are to give such a big patch containing writing!

  33. But I hate the robot voice

  34. I've stayed there twice absolutely amazing but the water broke twice on the sink. please stop the annoying voice I would rather listen to rap and pop music for 12 hours strait than that travisty robot voice


  36. Hmm.. wow.
    I like this video, but I have to stop in the middle, because I don't want to watch the annoying 30 seconds ads.

  37. Royal Loft Suite Royal Loft Suite Royal Loft Suite Royal Loft Suite Royal Loft Suite Royal Loft Suite Royal Loft Suite… AHHHH I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!!

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