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  1. I was on Diamond Princess last year and Sea Princess the year before.

  2. Dear sir
    job processing princess cruise
    Please reply

  3. We cannot wait for Majestic Princess to arrive in Auckland December 18th (NZ Cruise) Bring it on…..

  4. We took Rivera Mexicana…
    So Wonderful

  5. Waaaauuuuwww that was my first reaction

  6. Looks great, but Dawn Princess will always have a special place in my heart

  7. wow like to enjoying it one day.

  8. Absolutely stunning. Looking forward to our cruise on the Majestic Princess in 2020 from Sydney to Singapore.

  9. Magnificent definetly going on this ship

  10. one of the best ships out there to date. congrats

  11. Gorgeous!!! Just sailed for the very first time on the Regal and she was amazing!!! What an incredible journey and experience we had 🙂

  12. I love Majestic Princess , may 2017

  13. Anticipated for Her coming back to Taiwan next March!!

  14. I have just come back from the Coral Princess, this cruise ship has been one of the very small amounts of cruise ships that make it up to my A list

  15. She looks amazing and the musical shows spectacular. Lets hope the music amplification is not turned up to deafening as it is in Royal Caribbean Explorer!

  16. sooooper maame ….

  17. It's kinda similar to the Royal Princess

  18. for the reason that it will be based on Asia as her new home, please have atleast a destination to the Philippines for this ship

  19. two years ago I took Regal Princess, it so beautiful ship, they both same.

  20. Quite a huge ship !!

  21. I Loved my first cruise with Majestic Princess from Trieste port and inauguration party,cant wait to sail on it again in may and make new videos for my vlog!My favorite cruise ship so far!

  22. Will it just go around the world or also the unites states

  23. Do a video of a ship tour and love it so much with the stuff including around the world lie the horizon court or what they name is

  24. I love you guys so much! I wish you added more destinations in the summer for the future, do you have any plans to?

  25. We are looking forward to our 49 day Adventure on the Majestic Princess. Rome to Shanghai. Departing on May 21st from Civitavecchia, Italy. Can't wait !

  26. We'll be on it this May, 2017! But for the Med cruises. Would not ride this in Asia.

  27. chinese ship with western inspiration, i'll pass.

  28. It's so amazingly beautiful and full of outstanding choices that I'd probably get on and never want to leave.

  29. I'm still not a fan of the new paint job but if it's anything like the Regal we went on last year, I will love it!

  30. Looks spectacular!!

  31. Looks amazing.

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