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  1. Wtf. 2015 is the first.

  2. If her ship is sunk, will this lady go down with her ship?

  3. As a Captain myself, I am very proud of her. She deserves praise. And, I bet she will not abandon ship like that chicken-hearted liar of the Concordia.

  4. I’ve met her she was our captain on our cruise in January

  5. Porco giuda che gnocca ❤

  6. Sailed with her in the Caribbean wonderful humor each day another joke

  7. Did she wrecked that ship???

  8. Just finished 11 nights to the Carribean on the Equinox – and will say without a shadow of a doubt that Captain Kate is THE BEST captain we've ever sailed with. She is just so personable, and approachable – and her daily mind bender quiz's are superb. Celebrity definitely have a serious asset on their hands with Capt Kate.

  9. She’s sexy too

  10. Cruising is overrated.

  11. I don't think the passangers are that shocked because I doubt they know she's the first woman Capitan… I've went on one cruise and I didn't know there was no female Capitans… My Capitan was a old man but if it was a woman I wouldn't of even have known this…

  12. Wow In 2015 a woman BARLEY became a capitan… I wonder why?? It's not a physically hard job… This is odd to me…

  13. She's beautiful

  14. She doesn't look like a captain.

  15. Be my wife………

  16. 20 hears behind, but it's a start USA.

  17. what of she suddenly gets hysterical behind the wheel amd cant find the way ????

  18. Finally!! Should be many more women Captains!

  19. I would be more comfortable on the cruise if she had a parrot and a peg-leg. 😀

  20. She must be the iron lady..

  21. Nice! Women on command!

  22. Oh lord, cancels cruise

  23. Oh no…ship hit an iceberg…all Women and Children first… 🙂

  24. Hello members of this committee I want to register with your department,am Fred lubega from uganda

  25. Woman Pilot next?

  26. News get your locations right the summit is in Jersey not ny

  27. First American woman. Other countries have had female captains for years. Once again, we're way behind.

  28. Takes a lot of screws to come that far!

  29. Way to go Captain McCue!

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