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  1. We have travelled 13,000 expensive miles from New Zealand and after 4 days in Rome (we were meant to board tomorrow) we have received NO call or notice from Norwegian and our booking has been deleted from “my ncl” web page. Our taxi shuttle company informed us of the cruise cancellation this morning! Our Rome hotel (and all others) are booked out. Jim

  2. I posted in your other video, but we're supposed to get on this ship in Barcelona on 8/30 for a 10 days cruise. Really hoping they fix it by then..

  3. Lexus AD, Bruce you going places, Notes I am seeing the recorded version!

  4. NCL cancelled my cruise and reimbursed all airline tickets plus 200 bucks credits on the Cruise!

  5. This is why when you travel you should never leave home without an open mind and FLEXIBILITY!!

  6. The way cruise ships seem to break down all the time these days you’d be a FOOL not to invest in travel insurance!!!

  7. Compensation is a full refund on the cruise and shore excursions, plus 100% credit on the fare paid on a future cruise, plus up to $300 for airline change fees. I was scheduled to fly out Thursday to board on Friday.

  8. We are one of the passengers effected.. Literally about to get on our flight from Dubai to Rome. So far they offered full refund plus $300 toward travel penalties. It would’ve been our first time with NCL and now it IS our last choice of cruise line.

  9. Why you need to get your own contract for them to sign. Better to screw them than they screw you. A lawyer needs to start selling these.

  10. Waiting for the news to start!

  11. James from Queens say hello

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