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  1. How many hours should one arrive before disembarking?

  2. wow mi amigo Hector de Roatan el chef

  3. Ok ok is deck 7 high above the ground

  4. I'm on deck 8 mid ship interior State room middle of the ship so you said when I board the ship in Sunday December 9th I'll be boarding on deck 7 you said right

  5. Ohhh ok ok what deck you stayed on

  6. Ok ok what food did they have and what movie did they play on the big screen tv on lido Deck 14

  7. I will check it out just post it and what deck do i board the ship in embarkation day

  8. Anytime how was your experience on the MSC Divina

  9. I'm going on the MSC Divina in Sunday December 9th thru Thursday December 20th 11 days 6 ports of call I love this video

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