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  1. they should make Titanic 3

  2. Every Cruise Passenger Will Save Money With These Insider Secrets.

  3. Omg Wie heißt das erste lied O.O

  4. They ruined AidAPrima by putting those retarded lips and eyes on the bow. It looks dumb. I love all these new ships!! Even though I’ll never get to go on any!! :,( I’ve ridden the Carnival Triumph though. It was incredible!

  5. This summer I am going on celebrity Cruz lines

  6. Costa 2019 look similar to AIDAprima

  7. Ovation of the seas, it even says at the end of the clip "all images from quantum of the seas" and in the harmony of the seas section you showed a fly over of the oasis of the seas! Mainly you have missed one of the greatest cruise ships to be released, symphony of the seas!

  8. People are growing with proud achievements. Look at the information admirable 🙂 good video

  9. We should make a titanic and a posidon like the movies

  10. I went a tour trip with Norwegian Epic and Liberty of the seas ti was the best yeaahhhhhh

  11. what about celeberty edge

  12. You should also make a VR program where we can walk around the hold ship from top to bottom and from left to right sides and inter act with objects on the ship.

  13. You should make a full cruise ship simulator game from these videos. I will buy your game! I love large size ships.

  14. "New cruise ships 2016-2019" … and them the claim "biggest European cruise ship" by the MSC Meraviglia? … Sorry, but next year (2018) comes the AIDAnova with a GT of 183900 … that's bigger then the MSC Meraviglia (GT of 167000) i would claim … the Helios class ships from AIDA will be also the second biggest cruis ships in the world (after the Oasis class from Royal Caribbian)

  15. These things are ugly.

  16. Add the Carnival Horizon

  17. You know what boat they should make. . . Poseidon

  18. Symphony of the seas is the biggest cruise ship now

  19. When you said the biggest european ship. Did you mean that it was the biggest built in europe, or the biggest to have cruises on europe??? Because oasis and allure of the seas ships were built in Turku, Finland

  20. You've forgott the Norwegian Joy

  21. i just got of the carnival vista it was amazing

  22. mopa airport is major airpot of konkan

  23. I love cruise ships and how fascinating they are along with the design of some modern day ships.. But unfortunately I've never been on a cruise ship because they're so expensive.

  24. God they are all so goddamn ugly.

  25. Cool video! I've been working for 5 years as ship's photographer on different vessels including Oasis of the Seas and Freedom of the Seas. Honestly can not understand why people like to travel on such big ships, it can be interesting at once, but no more. If I decide one day to travel by sea I will choose some small vessel or yacht. Only on small ship you can go in some interesting ports, you can come very close to icebergs and glaciers, you can come inside some small gulfs and bays, you can visit some places unaccesible for all these monsters.

  26. (((rogue waves))) spell disaster on any of these modern apartment buildings we call cruise liners…:( got to think …what if….and be prepared!!! and anticipate …what is wrong with being cautious??? again $$$greed and corruption prevail .

  27. if you are going to show me harmony of the seas stick to that not go to oasis of the seas

  28. that wasnt Ovation of the seas liar, that was quantum

  29. WOW this is amazing. How about considering me as a solo music performer on any of these cruise. I have the ability to perform plugged/unplugged based on requirement. My number is Mobile 917204855516 or Tel 080 25475541. Ken

  30. hopefully I can feel of this beautiful cruise ship


  32. Lousy fast editing, making it hard to see anything.

  33. nice compilation, digging the trance in the background

  34. Where is Titanic II?

  35. You forgot 2 new Disney cruise liners

  36. Hillary Clinton rules

  37. I did not expect to show CG.

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