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  1. Will this norovirus incident stop you from booking your next cruise or do you think this is a one-off incident?

  2. Nothing more than a giant floating petri dish.

  3. Thi biggest ship have those probles with virus not like midle o little size

  4. I was on that ship. Me and my 2 friends got sick but it was still the greatest vacation of my life so far.

  5. Royal Caribbean is run like an organized crime organization. They tried to cheat me out of $20,000 by booking me on a flight that landed 20 minutes after the next flight to Sydney AUS closed!. I found myself standing in LAX at midnight after missing the flight. I called RC and they hung up on me. I called again and asked them what they wanted to do. After a minute or so of silence I told them to book myself and wife on the next flight back home.

    While it is counterintuitive what they did is actually a scam. They book refundable tickets, make you miss your flight and then frustrate you to the point that you give up and "cancel" the vacation. They then pocket the refundable tickets, and all contractor provided services. Only about $1500 of the $20,000 was a RC provided service. This then leaves RC with a profit margin of around 90%.

    I fought them for 3 months and went to VISA arbitration. RC lost! I got my $20,000 back and then demanded a 7 day free cruise for my wife and I which we got and used! I WILL NEVER SAIL ON A RC SHIP AGAIN!!!!

    Be aware that doing a CC chargeback for a cruise is not like doing a chargeback for some gadget that your purchased. CC companies treat "Entertainment" charges differently than merchandise charges.

    Also note: When you agree to the terms on your ticket you are basically giving up all of your rights! Example: If RC kills you intentionally or though negligence by feeding you rat poison you have NO legal ground upon which to sue RC. If the ship's doctor kills you (as has actually occurred) due to malpractice you have to find that doctor (usually a foreigner) and try to sue the doctor since the doctor is a RC contractor. The cruise line also doesn't care if that doctor actually has a bonafide MD degree.

    Royal Caribbean AIN'T the LOVE BOAT!

  6. I was the second person to get norovirus on a family reunion vacation. It spread to almost everyone-like 30 people. Most contagious thing I’ve ever seen.

  7. We were just on the next cruise after this one luckily not very many people got sick though

  8. Had a really good time on this ship in the summer. This is only a one-off incident and I'm sure that this happening will make them even more cautious. It shows that they are very good with things like this, as only 2% of the cruise got it. Would highly recommend Royal Caribbean cruises and they are one of the most hygienic things you can go on. Just remember to frequently wash hands.

    PS. I HATE sick, but this will not put me off going on another cruise, because I know that these incidents are handled well. I hope all affected are okay now

  9. The NEWS in the UK reported this as 'Harmony of the Seas' Which ship was it??????

  10. My husband and I just got back today from cruising Norwegian Escape. After about 40 people getting sick with the virus, crew insisted that everyone washy washy and sanitize like crazy! At the buffet we we're no longer able to serve ourselves.

  11. I’m currently on the ship. RC staff have been very thorough about cleaning constantly, and making sure everyone was using hand sanitizer in all public areas. They even went as far to have staff serve food (wearing gloves) in their free restaurants like the windjammer and all cafes up until Thursday. None of us guests were allowed to serve ourselves. I was personally appreciative of this. It seemed like RC was going above and beyond to prevent another outbreak. We love RC and can’t wait to cruise with them again!

  12. "…not RC's fault…" Really? Just watched TheTimTracker Disney cruise on the Magic and they noted that hand washing was REQUIRED and FREQUENT–before boarding and BEFORE EVERY MEAL…not to mention the fact that the first stop was in Haiti–a sh!t hole–and the symptoms began the next nite. A few yrs ago there was a noro outbreak on the NCL island hopper thru Hawaii..hundreds were puking and crapping there guts out .. and I hate to imagine how putrid some of the crew members are…if i'm ever forced to take a cruise itll be on Disney

  13. It happens, especially on ships. I'm going on the Harmony at Easter. I use the sanitizers, keep clean. I'm trusting in the employees to keep up the hard work of cleaning all the handrails which they do, constantly

  14. Floating petri dish

  15. I got a cruise ship ad while watching this

  16. When was the last time Cunard had an outbreak?

  17. The cruise industry can put as much lipstick on these outbreaks as they want, they all are directly attributal to two fators: 1. Crew hygiene. 2. Food safety. Passengers do not bring these viruses on board (perhaps .01% might). Cruise owners need to spend more money on vessel housecleaning, crew training and enforcement of personal hygiene, restroom mandatory rules for crew. Food safety is aparamount no matter what we are told. So far the food industry has gotten away with no fatalities, but that will not be the case forever.

  18. I bet prison is safer than that floating prison.

  19. I was on Anthem of the Seas last year and the food was gross. I got sick, the drink package was a waste because drinks were made terribly and it was WAY TO CROWDED! Thank god I didn't pay for this shit since it was a gift from my father in law. But cruising is the worst.

  20. Yes, proper hand washing is the #1 line of defence against Norovirus, but I noticed many people are misinformed about the facts of Norovirus. People put their faith in hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes. But you have to be using the right ones in order for it to be effect against Norovirus. Alcohol hand sanitizer such as Purell are useless against it and so are Lysol or Clorox wipes unless they have bleach or Hydrogen peroxide; as these are the very few chemicals that can kill it and these are not available in your local grocery/department stores (they are commercial and have to be ordered on line). Just because it has the name Clorox on it does not mean it contains bleach!!!! I’ll post some articles below to explain more.

  21. O_O I've been on that ship + the same port, and the same places luckily at a different time (april 1st – april 8)

  22. voyage of dispair

  23. My family was on that ship. Every time you went into a restaurant or another room the crew members made you use the hand sanitizer. They wouldn’t let you touch the glasses in the resturants or let you get your own food from windjammers. Although we still had a great time. There was plenty to do on the boat so we didn’t complain about not getting off. I would very much recommend Oasis Of The Seas

  24. make sure to pack the pink stuff

  25. I am so sorry that folks were sick but an All Sea Day cruise sounds great to me. It sounds like RC handled the situation very well.

  26. clorox wipes help also.

  27. So how can we be sure that it wasn't RCI fault? Yes it can be cause by people having poor hygiene after use of the bathrooms. But also can be caused by cleanness of the kitchen and food storage. With so many people getting sick quickly it could be that they all ate at a restaurant that was not cleaned properly or even cleaned too well. Sometimes the chemicals used to clean things such as lettuce are not properly rinsed off. If you only present one side of things that is not the whole truth.

  28. Went on Royal Caribbean in Nov 2017. The outbreak of Norovirus was bad

  29. I hope this bankrupts Royal Caribbean and all their plague ships end up sold for scrap and torn apart in a ship breaking yard in Bangladesh.

  30. I was on the ship it was crazy I
    Called it the plague ship so happy to be off and not sick!!!

  31. I was on that cruise. I thought Royal Caribbean did a great job of trying to stop the spread. I didn't get sick nor did my wife and would definitely cruise with them again.

  32. Going on Liberty of the Seas in February. I'm fully aware of the possible hazards of cruising but the benefits far outweigh the occasional setbacks. I urge people to take a chance at cruising if you haven't. And the RC boats are just enormous and amazing. I'm sold.

  33. Those ships are filthy this is what happens when you put hundreds of dirty people together on a ship. It becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

  34. If everyone on board washed there hands, used the sani stations, didnt touch the food with their hands at the buffet, and stayed in when they started feeling bad, the virus wouldnt spread like it does on the ship.

  35. This ship was in my video yesterday.

  36. Just got out of freedom the first day on my cabin i saw on my toilet seat a brownish yellowish ring around the seat obviously they didnt clean well the place aghhh

  37. I was on this ship I got it at 3:30am on Thursday, they made a list of people who got it and we were the last to leave off the ship, there was approximately 477 people that reported having the virus, they did the best to accommodate to the ones who were sick by giving us free medication and full refunds on the cruise and excursions, including hotels for those who couldn’t get flights changed. Was very unfortunate to have spent this cruise with only being able to visit labadee but still made great memories

  38. Good for RC refunding the full cruise.

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