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  1. I went there last month I liked it :D!

  2. Question???? where do you park if your driving into NY harbor t take this cruise????? The last cruise we took to Bermuda we left out of New jersey and parked in a parking lot and got a ride to the ship or customs and got picked up after we got back. $110 for one week parking.

  3. Do you have to pay to give through the water fall walk?

  4. Dec 2019 in The Haven — Looking forward to this one. Thanks, Courts!! xoxo

  5. Ok what’s up

  6. Excellent overview!

  7. Did anyone else try to wipe off that red dot at 11:30?

  8. I'm going on this ship this Sunday August 5th 2018

  9. Why does every video forget the dance club? Is there one?

  10. Great job. What airport are you near?

  11. I was there for 25 days of curse im the captian of the ship

  12. Great Video

  13. Great tour. Thank you.

  14. Pullin up july 15 to 22 anyone else goin

  15. i was on the boat last year and i met some friends that i still talk to ever since the cruise and it's been seven months

  16. would like to have seen more staterooms. not everyone can do a balcony.

  17. Very informative my next cruise will on the Norwegian

  18. New subscriber

  19. Cool I'm trying to learn as much as I can about different kind of cruises so that when I go for my first time then I'll I'll be ready for the inside

  20. I have been there. It was Awesomwme! If you buy the Special card you can get Rverything for free, just use your card. You also get 2 free drinjs at the bar, every 5 minutes apart the 2 drinjs. I totally recommend this ship. The restaurants are really good, perfect for a romantic dinner maybe, the game shows are funny and Awesome, the rooms are just gorgeous in my opinion, all the pools are nice, the crew is awesome. Heck, even the Cleaners are Awesome. My family haf this cleaner who every night we came back home to the room made us towel animals. We got Elephants with my brothers glasses on, a mouse, and other animald. You should go there. I totallty recommend this. You will be amazed of the Luxury the ship offers you. Try this. Safe travels, and have fun if you got on!

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