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  1. Thanks. We are going to Alaska in September on the Jewel .

  2. One of the best ship tours I've seen. Great job!!

  3. Great tour Scott & Lori!!
    I cruised on the Pearl to Alaska in 2008 & I do not remember the layout of that ship – so I appreciated seeing this!
    The jogging track is interesting- usually it’s an oval without having to zig & zag around corners??
    The ship looks nice…..but…..

  4. Thanks for taking the time to go through the ship and share! I have not yet been on an NCL but we are thinking about it.

  5. Dude… 30+ days is baller. If you're ever interested in exchanging lives, I'll be here.

  6. It’s like the newer NCL ships without all the fun stuff onboard.

  7. We loved the lay out of the jewel . It was our first cruise

  8. I would love if cruise lines put a racket ball court on them.

  9. For the Norwegian bliss can you reserve the go carts and laser tag on the NCL app

  10. Ship tour what I was waiting for

  11. It's practically identical to the Gem. Glad you enjoyed it.

  12. Scott: I really, really, like this ship. It seems so much less cluttered than anything else you have sailed on. That also makes it seem more ruggedly built – which it is probably not. I also like the layout of this ship, and it's amenities. Just the essentials. Excellent tour of a well planned ship!

  13. Aloha, are you going to cover your stops in New Zealand? We are doing the cruise Dec 2020.

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