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  1. I was on this ship and it wasn’t that tragic at all everyone was still having a great time

  2. You'll should go to the DR….I hear that's quite inexpensive now!

  3. What the hell is going on with these cruise lines having all these issues these days?

  4. Wat 'n spul op. Hulle moet Kak en betaal en regmaak.

  5. What a mess! A terrible PR problem for the cruise line.

  6. And this is why you purchase travel insurance.

  7. Hoping most of these folks didn't book direct and have the services of their travel agent. I just re-accommodated some guests booked on this voyage but inventory is practically nil in the Med this week.

  8. I am already in Rome and trying to figure out what to do.

  9. My mom and aunt were booked on this cruise and were scheduled to fly out tomorrow. I'm so irritated that this happened because they've been talking about this trip for MONTHS. NCL is issuing a full refund as far as I'm aware but that won't help them with some of the non-refundable travel expenses they've already paid for.

  10. when u on the cruise rn and people are protesting

  11. i going to bro

  12. I hope they get adequate refunds….

  13. Problem is, if you (like us) booked via a travel agent they didn’t even contact you. We discovered this by chance, unable to contact the agents as it’s out of hours and have a flight tomorrow that we don’t know what will happen to, and excursions booked that we now have to try and get refunded. (NCL’s ones were stupidly expensive).

  14. so many things to do and although that sucks i am sure NCL will make it good for them.

  15. good thing i went on the spirit to and from spain – wow thats too bad,

  16. Very horrible

  17. that sucks!!

  18. Hey bruce can you talk about the oasis of the seas i just wanna know how its doing?

  19. What ships do you want to go on?

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